Crate + Barrel Registry Event

This past Sunday, Andrew and I were invited to participate in the annual Crate + Barrel registry event at the Shops Around Lenox.

There was promise of refreshments and tasty bites, so naturally I was in. Andrew needed a little convincing because, well, there was also shopping involved, which he loathes.

Seeing that we have yet to register for anything wedding gift related, I promised Andrew there would be food, and so we hit to road! 

You know how in wedding movies, or rom-coms, when the couple goes to register for items they give you an awesome scanning gun and the couple has a scanning fight trying to out beep each other?

Well I wish I could say that’s what happened, but unfortunately these scanners were a lot less “beep” and more of a dull vibrate.

So we dove right in. Unfortunately, with our lives currently boxed up and in between homes, we don’t really remember exactly what we don’t have. After a quick tour around the store, with many “AH COOL look at THIS”‘s from Andrew, quickly followed by “but when will we ever use this.” and placing it back on the shelf, we found our way to the serving ware!


You can never have too many white plates, bowls and salad plates! So I started scanning. 8 of everything, because dinner parties are in our future, and we need to have enough plates for everyone we have over. DSC_0274

Next we moved into the wine/alcohol entertaining room.

Two big lovers of wine, we could help ourselves from grabbing different glasses and getting a feel for them. Since we are not sommeliers, we decided on 8 all purpose red wine glasses. We barely drink white wine, but I do love a good glass of bubbly, so I may or may not have thrown a few Champagne Coupes on the registry as well.


I quickly got trapped in the holiday section. I can’t wait to own a home to decorate it with giant Christmas wreaths and change out our serve ware to match the season, but since we don’t have permanent residence, and there’s a good chance the majority of their Holiday specialty items won’t be on repeat next year, I decided to ex-nay the Holiday items. DSC_0279

But I did register for some lovely cheese serving utensils.

Isn’t it so frustrating when you’re trying to serve goat cheese but all you have is a butter knife? Honestly, how have I survived this long in my life without a cheese cutting set.

Because I like to cut the cheese… DSC_0283DSC_0288

After a few moments of silly, we were ready to unload our registry into the system and head on our way. DSC_0291DSC_0304

Disclaimer: These shoes are really the cats meow, but after walking around all morning in them, my feet were a little tender. Maybe due to the fact that I never wear 4″ heels, or maybe because there is little to no padding on the ball of your foot, regardless I definitely needed to change shoes après shopping.

Thankfully I had my Talaria Flats in my bag. These have been a life saver multiple times over! Inbetween uncomfortable boots, or heels they have saved my feet too many times to count. I always carry a pair in my purse because they fold up nicely and have a cute little bag to store them in. At $38 a pair, they’re a steal for how useful they are! If my little toes can’t handle the all night dancing at my wedding, there’s a good chance these babies will be making another appearance. DSC_0307DSC_0308DSC_0303DSC_0296

Sweater (TJ Maxx find) similar and love this one// Jeweled collar shirt (old) similar and similar// Jeans  (similar)// Leopard Heels half off!// Talaria Flats (c/o)// Bauble Bar Earrings (vintage) Similar// Purse // Fur Vest (use code SENSIBLYSHARP to receive 10% off your entire order!) DSC_0301 DSC_0321

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xoxo- Cynthia

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Houndstooth Skirt


Houndstooth skirt (similar here and here) // Black Pumps (similar  and half off! and wishful)// Black top// Sweater// Necklace// Belt// PurseDSC_0215 DSC_0247 DSC_0227DSC_0263

I’m not an Alabama fan but I still love Houndstooth (War Eagle, but tough loss Saturday..)! My friends who are die hard Auburn fans say they can’t wear Houndstooth on account it reminds them of the Tide. Well I don’t fashion discriminate, and if it’s tweed, patterned and from Banana Republic, there’s a good chance I’ll wear it!

I love simple color palates for work (but I’m also not afraid to wear pink) and fall colors make it easy to wear black and dark colors without looking too drab. Adding a patterned tweed to your work wardrobe is a great way to mix things up! Which is why I paired this houndstooth skirt with a simple black top, maroon cardigan and gold accessories. Don’t ever be afraid of pattern so long as it is tastefully done (read not overly loud if you’re in a conservative office) it will really help you stand out in the office!
Happy Tuesday lovelies!

xoxo- Cynthia

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A Bold New Adventure

So a few weeks ago I received an exciting opportunity from Southeast Toyota asking me if I were up for trying out their new 2015 Bold Toyota Camry and going on a Bold Adventure.

I am all about experiencing new things: new food, new adventures and if it involves being outside, count me in! I ride horses after all, fear isn’t something I can harbor on, so I try to leave fear at home.

They asked me if I wanted to swim with sharks or ride in a hot air balloon, but I don’t have a death wish am not the biggest fan of sharks and I’ve already ridden in a hot air balloon once before so I had some  brainstorming to do.

After discarding swimming with sea mammals in Florida, white water rafting in North Carolina, and a foodie roadtrip in Alabama, I finally decided maybe there was a fear I wasn’t willing to address that I could conquer with the help of Toyota..

Which brings me to my fear of flying. Which is a real problem when you travel for work at least once a quarter. I have been on more planes this year than I have in the last ten. So I’m slowing getting over it, but I will not fly in huge planes. Anything over a 737 isn’t happening, and small planes fly too low to the ground for my comfort level either. It’s not so much the flying that I hate –I love flying –it’s the crazy people you might be on a flight with or in an airport with.

But I’ve never been in a helicopter, and I figured I’d give it a go! How dangerous could a helicopter be?

#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp
So Southeast Toyota provided me with the keys to a Brand New 2015 Toyota Camry for the weekend so we could go on our Bold Adventure. We found a charter that would pick us up just north of Alpharetta and according to the GPS in the Dash the pickup location was only 15 minutes north of us! Our prompt helicopter pilot Rich arrived right on time. Our pilot’s confidence helped ease me into a more comfortable mindset to relax my pre-flight nerves.

After a quick demo on how to buckle up (safety first!) we strapped on our headsets, took a selfie and lifted off! #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp#CamryBold - Sensibly SharpWe were quickly greeted with a gorgeous view of Lake Lanier and beautiful hazy mountains dotted in the background.

#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

Next, we flew over my mansion.

Y’all didn’t know I was a billionaire? Seriously, you should see my house in Italy.

Only kidding. Can you imagine growing up in this house? I would have demanded a full French Cotillion gown as a child so I could roll around my background and pretend I was Marie Antoinette strolling in her gardens. And I would have had three little white ponies all with ribbon braided manes. #priorities. #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp As we continued over Lake Lanier I was astonished to see how many sailors were out on their sailboats drifting across the lake. I’ve never seen a sailboat on Lanier, so to see more than 20 in a cove at one point was extremely surprising!

It was the perfect windy day, so I’m sure those sailors were excited to get out on the water in their Sperry’s and linen pants. Clearly if you’re going to have a sailboat, these are the two requirements for being aboard your Sail! #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

As toy cars zoomed underneath us on a private track, I couldn’t help just enjoy the constant thud-thud-thud of the overhead propeller and think to myself that “this is the life.”

Our ride was a short 15 minutes to travel to our final destination. Surrounded by rows of grape vines and perched behind perfectly manicured hedges awaited Chateau Elan. #CamryBold - Sensibly SharpChateau Elan never looked so good! We only had a couple of minutes at our end location so I quickly popped out of the heli. 
#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

Happy to be back on solid ground, we headed off in search of living grapes still on the vine. #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

I mentioned that it was windy over the lake that day, but the wind seemed to have followed us right into the vineyards. Destroying any shred of untangled hair I had left that day. #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp After a couple of tours around the vineyards, playing a fun game of hide and seek; we paused for a few photos together.

If we weren’t already engaged this would have been the most romantic proposal trip ever. Gorgeous vineyard, beautiful location and a helicopter ride? It would have been a fairytale, sub white horse for blue helicopter. Although I would have rather escaped via horseback.

Alas, our short trip to Chateau was over, we vowed to return soon for a wine tour, and we gallantly ran back to the helicopter just in time for lift off. 
#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

Rich did a splendid job of navigating. Funny enough he used his iPhone for GPS. A special app for helicopter pilots that helps them track their route.
#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp But he also (thankfully) knows how to read all these spinning dials and clicky buttons that are reminiscent of some sort of crazy Wonka contraption to build an everlasting gobstopper. #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

On the way back, I called shotgun. Which, with a fiberglass bottom I personally thought was the best view in the house. #CamryBold - Sensibly SharpIf you decide to book with Atlanta Executive Air Service, try to get the last slot for the day. You get to make a quick stop at the “airport gas station”. Although there was no appeal of 7-eleven slushies, there was a giant WW2 plane you could take pictures in front of. And it’s not just for show, you can actually fly in it too! 
#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp

Lavendar Cami// Jeans (similar)// Boots// Vegan Leather Jacket// Purse// Necklace (c/o)// Aviators
#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp #CamryBold - Sensibly SharpIt was finally time to be on our final journey home. So we packed ourselves in and buckled up to be on our way.

As we made our way back through the air, Atlanta had one last goodbye to say to us. 
#CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp Even through all the haze, she still looks spectacular. #CamryBold - Sensibly Sharp #CamryBold - Sensibly SharpAs the sun set, and we landed our metal bird back into her concrete nest, I realized that I had more or less conquered my fear of flying. The whole purpose of this of Southeast Toyota sending me on this trip was for me to try something new and bold and I felt that way once we landed. Flying in a helicopter was an incredible adrenaline rush, and it was an amazing way to view the city. I was incredibly relieved to be back on the ground but happy I had taken the risk to face my fear of flying by trying this out.

Being in a helicopter was so serene. The trip was incredibly smooth and fast. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity!

Thanks to the lovely people of Southeast Toyota for sending us on such an incredible adventure. I was not compensated for this post, although Southeast Toyota did provide me with my transportation and event accommodations. I drove the 2015 Toyota Camry which was the first ever Camry I have ridden in and it was incredible. The new Camry has been boldly redesigned to be sleek, modern and equipped with updated accessories (such as wireless phone charging and blue tooth syncing so you can play pandora through the speakers) and they helped me design this trip to be #CamryBold. After 50 minutes of flying and one fear conquered later, I think we accomplished it. 

As part of this series, Southeast Toyota has agreed to offer (3) $1000 vouchers specifically for my readers. If you are planning to  purchase or lease a 2015 Camry between today and 4/30/2015, leave a comment below about what you love about Toyota and I will choose three people at random to get a $1000 rebate check issued directly from Southeast Toyota to you!

Legal Info: Offer applies to the lease or purchase of any new Toyota vehicle in FL, GA, AL, SC or NC. Limit one rebate per household. Offer expires 4/30/15. This offer is non-transferable. Offer can be combined with other offers. Cynthia Hoyt is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

So what did y’all think, is the new #CamryBold?

xoxo- Cynthia

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Biscuit Beignets

I can’t always pop over to my favorite place for beignets (and quite frankly jotting to New Orleans for breakfast isn’t really practical..) But these biscuit beignets require just 3 ingredients and a watchful eye to have easy and delicious beignets within minutes of waking up! Want to know the secret?

Biscuit Beignets - Sensibly Sharp

Pre-made biscuits! That’s right, your favorite refridgerated-always-scared-of-popping-the-tube can of biscuits fry up to be the perfect makeshift beignets when you don’t want to put in all the effort. I used this kind for this recipe, but I’m thinking of trying the blueberry ones for next time, because–antioxidants and if you’ve ever had Bojangles BoBerry Biscuits, I can only imagine they are just as delicious but without all the scary ingredients.

Let’s get cooking shall we? Biscuit Beignets - Sensibly SharpFor these biscuit beignets you will need:

- 1 can of premade refridgerated biscuits

- a frying pan

- your choice of high temperature frying oil (I used canola)

- powdered sugar Biscuit Beignets - Sensibly Sharp

First things first: pop the tube of biscuits. Is it just me or does popping one of those tubes make you feel like you’re holding a ticking time bomb? You can smack it against the counter 12 times without it popping but then while you’re holding it in your hand, POP, instant heart attack. Start heating up your oil in your frying pan. I like to put about a half inch of oil in the pan and heat it on medium high while I prepare the next step.

Second: Form the biscuits into bite size balls. These were roughly the diameter of my finger and thumb pressed together in an “OK” symbol. You want to make sure these are roughly the same shape so that you can account for even cooking.

Third: Place the dough balls into the hot oil (be careful of possible splatter, always wear an apron!) Cook on each side for 20-30 seconds, depending on how brown they start getting. You want a nice golden “crust colored” brown. As the second side finishes cooking, place on some paper bags to catch any extra oil.

Lastly: Once all the dough is fried, smother in powder sugar, grab a cup of coffee and throw on some Jazz. Congrats! You just made it to Cafe du Monde without leaving your kitchen in less than 15 minutes!

Biscuit Beignets - Sensibly SharpHow you like them dough balls? Have a fabulous Thursday y’all! Be sure to follow along on Instagram because me and some amazing other blogger babes (like here and here) are giving away $500 to Whole Foods for all your Thanksgiving needs!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Sweater Obsessed

I kind of have this thing with sweaters.

Which is a real problem when you live in a state who’s Winters average about 30 degrees as the coldest it’ll get. But since I’m perpetually cold and a member of the “My Feet Always Feel Like Ice Club” I get away with having an extensive collection of sweaters, one which I add to every year! My favorite sweaters are big chunky cable knits and then every once in a while you’ll find the perfect fair isle or animal inspired sweater that you just have to have. 

I’m currently loving all these sweaters that I found at Boden! Seriously, how did I just find out about this website? I’ve been missing out clearly. I’ve rounded up some of the best fall sweaters that are unique so you won’t look like every J Crew clad post college preppy there is. Also, these slipper socks? Could they be any more perfect for someone with cold feet?

If you put anything on your “Wish List” this Holiday Season, it should definitely be one of these sweaters or these jeweled shoes!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Queen Bee Bodessentials

If there is one thing I truly love it’s handmade products with all natural ingredients! And what’s more delicious than beauty products made with honey? Queen Bee Bodessentials - Sensibly Sharp

Answer: nothing. Queen Bee Bodessentials - Sensibly SharpQueen Bee Bodessentials - Sensibly SharpAs a self proclaimed Health Nut I’ve completely changed my lifestyle to accomodate the fact that I no longer like “fake things”. I don’t care for fake sugar, I don’t like low-fat foods, I don’t like scary ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and I especially don’t like parabens and questionable mondextrolithiumenineanxethen in my makeup and beauty products(made that word up, but you get my gist). Enter Queen Bee Bodessentials. This mother-daughter team have been cultivating bees in their backyard and decided to put some of that honey into homemade products that are good for your skin (as well as your wallet, check out these luscious prices).

You’ve probably heard of Burt’s Bees (but most likely not the scandal behind the name, scandalous, I know) but their products come with expensive price tags, and never really seem to do that much for me in terms of inspiration nor moisturizing factor.

Over the past few weeks that I’ve been using these products I notice a distinctive change in my skin! The Sweet Cheeks scrub is deliciously sweet smelling but also the perfect exfoliant for scrubbing away dry skin. I love to use this on my lips, because now that the Georgia Humidity is gone, my lips end up looking like corpse lips regardless how much lip balm I apply. After a good face and lip scrub, I wash my face with the activated charcoal bar. Those of you/us who suffer from oily skin should really consider using Activated Charcoal in your beauty routine! Not only is it a great natural disinfectant (bye bye bacteria causing breakouts) but it also adsorbs any toxins and free radicals that you may have on your face (especially those who live in big cities!).  After my lip scrub, I apply a generous amount of the Bergamot and Lime Lip Balm. Y’all, this stuff is heaven in a chapstick bottle! I can’t get enough of the flavor! It’s like a spicy margarita with undertones of honey. Actually, it’s basically a hipster Margarita for your lips, and you should invest in it for winter! My lips are super soft all day, and I only have to apply it once!

Lastly my favorite things I use every day are the Lavender Hand Lotion and the Chamomile Lavender Hand Soap. I am a lavender lover. Is it just me or does the smell of lavender somehow remind you of fruit loops? It’s weird, I know, but I love that smell! Sweet, but sharp and earthy. The hand lotion does not grease-ify you which is a major plus because I find some natural lotions leave too much of a grease stain all day on your hands.

Queen Bee has a host of other products as well (that you can check out here) and they also regularly attend Farmer’s Markets in Chicago and you can keep up to date with them here about that!

If you’re anything like me and love natural products (and bee inspired products!) you should definitely check out Queen Bee! Skip the Burt’s next time you’re at the grocery store and order some Bergamot Lip Balm! You can thank me later!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Light Fall Layering with Daily Dose of Darling

The best thing about living in Georgia is that you’re about 30 minutes away from any city and about 30 minutes away from breath-taking views like this.

Light Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp

The other day we decided to escape urban life and venture up north to see some of the changing leaves and explore nature’s finest offerings. Light Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp

After a few winding roads and one waterfall, and constantly changing temperatures (from 60’s to 80’s!)  we stopped the car to smell the roses. Or more so the horses, which if you ask me is one of the best smells! Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp Light Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp

Boots// Skirt (old) Similar// Sweater (sold out) similar and similar// Handbag// Blanket Scarf// Belt // Earrings (c/o) Pacific + Key 10% off with code SENSIBLYHARP10

In Georgia (or most anywhere in the South) the hardest thing to manage is fall clothing. We don’t really experience fall weather like everyone else in the US. It’s still really warm up until about November (we got our first frost this morning!) and you can just fuhgeddaboudit when you want to wear chunky knits, tons of layers and corduroy pants. One day in October, temperatures surged to 85 degrees! What’s a girl to do when she wants to dress cute for fall without burning up in the South?

That’s when my dear friend Hayley from a Daily Dose of Darling and I decided it was time share how us Southern girls (she’s from SoCal so she’s totally Southern in this mention of the word) layer for fall without looking out of place when it’s hot as Hades outside. It’s funny how the blogging world can bring two people together. I can’t recall how I found Hayley (possibly some Instagram stalking) but when I stumbled upon her blog I was immediately drawn to how much in common we have! You rarely see anyone who blogs who is outside of the realm of SAHM, PR/Communications/ Marketing world, but every once in a while you’ll find a girl who’s studying more than just marketing and you’ll meet girls in Finance! It’s funny how fast you can find similarities with someone who you’ve never really met, but we both have super similar backgrounds and are in love with the fashion outlet that we share with y’all! Even though she’s 3 hours behind me and on the other side of the country, we can at least share the struggles of dressing for Fall when it still feels like Summer! Here’s our light fall layering tips to success without feeling like a melting marshmallow in the oven that is The South. 

1) Sweaters with Skirts are a great way to dip your toes into Fall Appropriate clothes. I loved being able to still catch a breeze but keep my arms covered for our Fall Outing.

2) Wear a cute Fall Colored Dress with Boots (like I did here).

3) Chambray is a must have basic for fall! It’s a great layering staple and the jean helps keep you cool in case temperatures fluctuate.

4) If you want to layer, choose thin layers first, then gradually add thicker layers that will be easily removed. Like a quilted vest, blanket scarves and a waxed jacket.

5) Want to look extra Autumnal without adding pants to the mix? Try a skirt with exposed boot socks and equestrian boots!

6) Have fun with fall colors! Really dive into maroons, wines, deep greens, burnt oranges and navy! Choose one of those colors and add a simple jean or a white top to keep it looking fresh!

7) Still want to wear bright colors in fall without looking like summer? Totally possible! Vineyard Vines makes it easy to incorporate your favorite colors (pink and bright blues) into great sweaters and button ups for the perfect layering outfits.

8) Add a touch of plaid to whatever you’re wearing. This plaid skirt is on my wish list! I can totally wear it all winter season with a pair of Hunters or cute Kate Spade wedges and a nice blouse or casual button up. Nothing says cold weather more than polka dot plaids.

As the Season progresses, we’ll be updating our wardrobe daily on Social Media! Be sure to follow us below for your Daily Dose!

For SoCal fashion follow Hayley on Facebook// Instagram// Bloglovin// Twitter// Pinterest

For Southern inspired fashion follow Cynthia on Facebook// Instagram// Bloglovin// Twitter// Pinterest

Daily Dose of Darling

Isn’t she gorgeous? Love how she paired the Tres Bien sweater over a chambray! To see more of her look click here.

You didn’t think I’d leave this post without a few shots of my new handsome friend would you? Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp

Of the twelve or so ponies that were in the field behind me, only one was willing to gamble that I had carrots. Light Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp

Although I didn’t have any treats, he still did let me give him a smooch. Light Fall Layers - Sensibly Sharp

Unfortunately he didn’t turn into a Prince. But I’ve already got my boys, so I think they’d be rather jealous had I turned him into a Knight!
Light Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpLight Fall Layers - Sensibly SharpIt was a lovely weekend in North GA and it was nice to escape city life for one weekend!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Knit Sweater Dress

It’s Autumn which means that pumpkin everything is totally normal and October wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. But not just any Pumpkin Patch, the best patch in Georgia.

Berry Patch Farms. 

Now you probably haven’t heard of Berry Patch Farms for pumpkins, because it’s name doesn’t really scream ” I have pumpkins here”, but they do! And you don’t have to drive all the way up 400 to go to Burt’s which is more like a Pumpkin Parking Lot than a patch. But it’ Woodstock’s best kept secret so don’t go telling everyone.. 

It’s a secret between you and me.
Berry Patch Farms - Sensibly Sharp

Berry Patch Farms - Sensibly Sharp

And here you have it, the best patch in Georgia! Look at all the variety..

Only pulling your gourd.

But the pumpkins are as big as your head and bigger.
Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

What do you use to mend a Jack-o-Lantern?Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

A pumpkin patch! Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

You know what drew me to this sweater dress immediately? The back zipper. Because I have this thing with interesting backs, and I’m a sucker for pink!

Eliza J has quickly become my new favorite for sweater dresses, just check out her collection here at Nordstrom. The best part, I got this from my local Nordstrom Rack for $30! Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

Sweater Dress (similar here and here)// Boots// Handbag// Necklace// Earrings
Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

And if your pumpkin patch doesn’t have pigs, than perhaps your pumpkin patch is hog-wash. DSC_0140 At the end of the day, we had looped Berry Patch a couple of times, strolling along in the dimming light and finally made our way to the front where the real pumpkins were. Well the real pumpkins for eating that is! My goal in the next week is to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. I mean after eating this pie, I realized that canned pumpkin just won’t do anymore. Knit Sweater Dress - Sensibly Sharp

I’ve found a bunch of AMAZING sweater dresses that y’all might like in the widget below (if AdBlocker is on you’ll need to disable to see it)! I am seriously loving this one and can we just have a moment of silence for the perfect fair isle? Love it.
There’s nothing cuter than a sweater dress with riding boots! And since Georgia can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to be 50 or 80 degrees, this is just the ticket to get you through those awkward-turtle warm Autumn days.
xoxo- Cynthia
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Chateau Elan

I haven’t been to Chateau Elan in a couple of years.

The last time I went was a brutally cold day in February where the Equestrian Team and I stood around praying our feet would regain feeling before we rode again.

It sure is beautiful though when the weather is right and there is a promise of wine. DSC_0281

So the boy and I grabbed our friends and  took some time yesterday to pop over there and pop some corks.

I have never been for a wine tasting and quickly realized that I was missing out on a great opportunity to taste some Georgia grown wine.

DSC_0287The shirt I found was a steal from Nordstrom! The perfect colors for fall (and halloween) with a beautiful belled sleeve that was just enough coverage for the oddly warm day we were having.  
DSC_0290 DSC_0293 The color really glows in person. Purple, Orange and White flowers sit juxtaposed on top of a black background. I almost matched the wine display they had, but alas it wasn’t the best camouflage. DSC_0305 DSC_0306

And so it began. I must warn you though.. we bought both flights of wine: the regular and the muscadine variety. At $25 a person, that was still a great deal since we got nearly 5 glasses of wine out of it.

Because wine not..? 

We started with the dry whites first: a plump bodied Pinot Grigio, followed by a crisp sauvignon blanc and then everyone’s favorite, Bubbles.


Which were shared with cheers and giggles. DSC_0315DSC_0320DSC_0326DSC_0334DSC_0343

Jeans (old) similar brand and similar// Boots// Top// Necklace// Clover Necklace 10% off with code SENSIBLYSHARP at checkout// Purse ($100 off!)   DSC_0346DSC_0349

Our wine guide was quick to refill our glasses. Bringing around some heavier bodied reds like the Velvet and the Scarlet. Both excellent additions to the wine pantry if you’re looking for some good Holiday Wines. DSC_0352 DSC_0362

My gorgeous friend Meghan, she’s such an exotic beauty.

At the end of the night, our tummies were empty and wine was running through our veins. The only thing from keeping us rolling home were the “adult animal crackers” (as Andrew named them) that were supposed to be the palate cleansers after each round. DSC_0371 DSC_0382

After grabbing a handful of crackers, we made our way around the vineyard to walk off some of the buzz and quickly found ourselves incapsulated in front of a gorgeous orange sunset to which we all sat and watched disappear behind the vineyards.

It was a day for the books.

xoxo- Cynthia
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Happy Furrr-day

Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp

Shirt in brown// Fur Vest// Jeans// Handbag ($100 off right now!)// Booties// Necklace (sold out) similar here and here // Earrings

Happy Furr-day lovelies! I am loving this faux fur vest trend (even though my fiance says it looks like I’m wearing something from the thrift store.. lol but I actually shop there so the joke’s on him) and I think it’s here to stay for the next few years so it would be best to in-vest in something of good quality now! I love this vest from Juliana’s Boutique. It was the perfect price point and if you use code SENSIBLYSHARP at checkout you’ll receive 10% off your total order! (Also check out this vest, and this vest). I was extremely thrilled with how soft the vest felt when I received it! It almost feels real, but without PETA getting up in arms about how many chinchillas it would have taken to make this vest.

These jeans are something you should also invest in (they have a whole line of other washes for the pants here). They’ve been great so far and have definitely gotten their money’s worth. I love how comfortable and how long they are (35″ inseam problems…) they actually come to my ankle, which is perfect for booties! This is the perfect outfit for traveling and I’ll most likely be donning it when I go to DC in November. I’ve never been to DC so I’d love some recommendations on what to do! I can only imagine how cold it’s going to be so I’m thinking of getting a new pea coat or this quilted jacket.

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Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Be sure to stay tuned on Instagram, Toyota is taking me around town for a bold adventure, and wouldn’t want you to miss it!

xoxo- Cynthia

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