How to Have a Bad Ass Hair Day

Being a natural curly headed girl I’ve gone through my life with the constant struggle of trying to maintain my lions mane of hair. Humidity in the South absolutely kills any sort of hairstyle I try to do from the middle of June to late August. But then flash forward 3 months, the dryness in winter makes it so dry I turn into a static electricity science experiment! Have I mentioned the tangles? Who out there struggles with curly hair and knows that tangles are the bane of your existence? After a workout, I just don’t even bother with my hair because I know it’s going to be a rats nest mixed with sweaty seaweed hair <– totally great mental picture, right?! There is one time in my life where I can remember having awesome hair after a serious sweat sesh, and that was when FlyWheel in Avalon had a nice little hair fixing station set up in their bathroom, complete with a hair dryer, dry shampoo, detangler and wet brushes!

Bad Ass Hair Day | Sensibly Sharp Bad Ass Hair Day | Sensibly Sharp Bad Ass Hair Day | Sensibly Sharp

We all suffer from bad hair days but what if instead of those we could have Bad Ass Hair Days? Who’s to say that our wild curls during “no-heat-weeks” and our sweaty strands post completion of a marathon or triathlon aren’t bad ass?! We as girls get so consumed with how media portrays women’s hair after an event. I don’t know about you, but when I finish riding horses my hair doesn’t look like a Goddess’s straight from a Dover Catalog, it looks more like I had a helmet strapped to the top of my head in 80 degree weather, so it’s half sweaty half dry, total babe magnet hair. But you know what? I won my class and was a total Bad Ass; and therefore, my hair reflected just that. I was on such an accomplishment high that I didn’t even think about fixing my hair when we went to dinner that night to celebrate! Still in my breeches, riding boots and with hair plastered to the top of my head, I was radiating Bad-Assery from every pore of my body, so my hair was the least of my concern.Bad Ass Hair Day | Sensibly Sharp

It’s easy to have a Bad Ass Hair Day when you have great products to back you up! Hence why OGX Beauty is challenging YOU through instagram to participate in their “Hair or Dare” challenge. For 30 days, they are asking us girls to take on the Hair or Dare challenge and show off our #BadAssHairDay’s for a chance to win a weekly prize worth $1,250!

To Enter all you need to do is Choose a Hair or Dare (which you can find from OGX’s Instagram account, @ogx_beauty.) Post the completed Hair or Dare challenge to Instagram with #BadAssHairDay and tag @ogx_beauty and that’s it! You could be one of 4 winners to win prizes such as a $1250 prize pack from OGX Beauty!

Join me in snapping a selfie or posting a picture with post workout babe hair in all it’s natural and un-coiffed glory! It’s not a bad hair day anymore! It’s a Bad Ass Hair Day!


*OGX has provided me with product and compensation for this post. While this post is sponsored all opinions I have shared about this campaign remain my own. 

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95 Thoughts You Had While Shopping the Lilly for Target Collab in 8 hours and 5 minutes

11:59 PM

1) Am I really about to attempt to buy anything from Target right now? Let’s hope the site doesn’t crash like it did with Missoni.

2) Ugh, I’ve refreshed 5 times and I still have this girl tauntingly smiling at me behind her 3D flowers.

12:24 AM

3) Okay.. still no Lilly for Target. Twitter is literally freaking out right now.

4) *Does some research, recalls that Target’s HQ is NOT located in the East Coast.*

5) Confirmed. Target located in Minneapolis MN and is on Central time. Maybe we’ll have better luck at 1am. Let’s twitter know that 1am might be the golden hour for us East Coasters due to this revelation. #East Coast Time Probz.

6) Like half of Twitter is thanking me for that tweet. You’re welcome!

7) Minnesota is the most random state ever for an HQ. Why not New York like every other retailer?

1:27 AM

8) Wait, have you seen these tweets on twitter with the mobile links for the items? WTF?! Why aren’t these showing up on my desktop.

9) Great, my phone is almost dead.

10) How am I supposed to transfer my purchases between mobile and desktop?

11) Pineapple Sandals. HELL YES. Twitter for the win, again.

12) Where are these girls getting these mobile leaks? Something seems fishy…

1:28 AM

13) Wait I just put my sandals in my cart, why does my cart say it’s empty?!

14) Let me add them again!

15) Ok I’ve got my sandals, for sure they are in my cart. Screen cap to make sure.

16) Oh the Outdoor Blankets are live! Thanks twitter!

1:30 AM


18) I can’t believe something was bought from my cart under my nose while I was checking out.

19) Sketchy.

20) Really pissed off now.

21) Let’s see what’s already on eBay..

22) These are some sketchy people who already selling these items on eBay. They are literally going to have to wait for the item to come in and then send them out. But their making 100% profit. I guess that’s capitalism for you.

23) I guess I’ll settle for the size 9 Pineapple Flip Flops and pray they fit. And I guess I’ll get the white outdoor blanket even though I wanted pink.

1:42 AM

24) ROYALLY PISSED OFF! My cart has been spinning that gray wheel of death for 10 minutes now. I think their site has officially crashed.

25) Target probably didn’t anticipate Lilly Lovers to underhand their sneaky release and expose all the mobile links on twitter.

26) Really pissed off that my cart is broken.

1:57 AM

27) SCREW IT. Looks like I’m waking up and going to the store tomorrow. My Kimono better be available online when I wake up.

28) *sets alarm for 6:30am*

6:30 AM

29) damn I’m tired. 

30) I don’t wake up this early for work.

31) Mental note: I need to start waking up earlier for work.

32) I’m going to snooze until 7.

6:54 AM

33) OH WAIT! What if my “online only” kimono is going to be online?!


35) Size small. Add to cart.

36) Oh lemme pop over to home wares.

37) Pink Outdoor Blanket in stock! Bless you sweet Gods of Target. Bless you.

7:02 AM

38) Are you effing kidding me?! How is my cart empty again.

39) Am I being Punk’d? Where’s Ashton Kutcher.

40) Is Ashton Kutcher even relevant anymore?

41) I can’t believe he’s 37. He’s still hot though.

42) DAMN. The pink is sold out again! UGH. White it is then!

43) I like white better.

44) Better make myself look halfway decent to get to Target.

7:14 AM

45) I feel disgusting. My hair needs to be washed and I could have used some concealer and some mascara on this face.

46) I should probably wear a hat. *looks in mirror*

47) I should definitely wear a hat.

48) Better wear my keds! Might be running.

49) I hope I’m not going to get there and be last in line.

7:29 AM

50) Do my eyes deceive me?! Am I really going to get front row parking AND be 10th in line?

51) This line is really small, this could be a good sign.

52) These girls look hungry in front of me. Like we might be running. This might be like the Hunger Games mixed with Greek Week. Luckily my sorority has won Greek Week for the past 7 years.

53) Oh great, someone from my high school is right behind me. Cue awkward hello’s and how-are-you-doing’s.

54) You’re my competition. I’m not being nice to you. And I am definitely not telling you what I’m after.

55) She did run faster than me in track though… crap.

7:54 AM

56) Aw how nice! They’re bringing us complimentary mini hot chocolates from Starbucks!

57) Resist the temptation Cynthia, this will slow you down.

58) OMG my heart is palpitating.

59) There’s like two hundred people behind me. Not exagerating. Also there’s another line at the other entrance.

60) FUCK ME I’m standing in the Grocery side of Target….

7:59 AM

61) Someone’s going to get trampled.

62) If we all make it out of here alive I’m going to be so happy.

63) Oh shit.. people are getting their racing stances ready.

64) The doors are opening…. May the odds be ever in my favor!

8:00 AM

65) Doors are open!

66) OMG. we are RUNNING!

67) I said I wasn’t going to run.

68) Screw it. I want that damn Fan Dance Shift Dress.

69) Thank God the Lilly section is closer to grocery. I’ll take the 1 second advantage.

70) OMG Pineapple Flip Flops! Size 9 and size 10. Screw all y’all, I need to try these on.

71) Early bird gets the worm.

72) Shift dresses, where are shift dresses.

8:01 AM

73) Found them! Thank GOD everyone in front of me was a size 00 pre-teen.


75) Took the last size 4. Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

76) Damn, some lady just took the entire section of scarves. The fuck are you going to do with 28 scarves?

77) Scream over the commotion of 20 grown women fighting over bikinis to a sales associate, “Where’s the home section?!?!”

8:02 AM

78) Sales associate said it was in the back right corner.

79) DAMN that’s like a half mile. Better start running.

80) Sales Associate says “No running”. Sorry didn’t hear you!

81) Almost just T Boned a lady turning the corner. That could have been the great Target Catastrophe of 2015. She just gave me the stink eye. WOMAN this is a HUSTLE zone, you are not hustlin’! 

8:03 AM

82) OMG the home section is like cleared out.

83) Literally just saw some lady with two shopping carts filled with pillows.

84) What is this Super Market Sweep?

85) Oh! Pool Towel in Giraffeeey! MINE! AND THE PINEAPPLE DISH! Pineapples are so hot right now.

86) What ever happened to Super Market Sweep? That was the greatest show ever. I’d totally win. I know where everything is in every store. Well maybe not every store… But I’d still totally win.

8:04 AM

89) Okay, let me try on these sandals to see which size I need and if the shift even fits.

90) The workout area is literally the least stressful in the store. I’m going to sit down and try on my shoes.

91) Yup, the 10 definitely fits better than the 9. Runs small.. Well someone will be happy these pineapple shoes will be going back on the rack.

92) OMGAHH this Fan Dance shift is possibly the cutest thing to ever grace the face of the Earth. Except for my dog, but I can’t wear him.

93) Some lady literally just asked me while I’m wearing the shift if I was going to keep that. Um yeah honey, sorry you strolled up to Target at 8 o’clock. Rookie.

94) Time to check out and head home. This was the most stressful 8 hours and 5 minutes of my life. I could totally use a nap. And a xanax.

95) I might have PTSD from shopping the #LillyForTarget Collaboration.


Bonus: 96) I can’t believe the whole #LillyForTarget collab sold out in 4 minutes. Actually I totally can. #BuyMeLilly

XoXo- Cynthia

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9 Tips to Help You Shop the Lilly for Target Collaboration

So you want to shop the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection? Here are a few tips on how to shop the Lilly for Target collaboration!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

1) Have a plan of action! 

I’m sure you know by now that all Targets across the United States are going to have this collab, so maybe it’s time to make a trip to Grandma’s house who lives in the middle-of-no-where but conveniently right next to a super Target. Also, while we’re at it, you should ask you Target of choice where in the store they are going to locate the collection. Is it going to be in one collective area in the store, or dispersed throughout the store so the clothes are in the clothes area and the linens are in the home section. Also do you know what time your store opens? Have you asked the managers if they anticipate a line to form before? These are important questions to ask if you’re going to be a savvy shopper.

2) Shop Smart.

Have you made a list? Have you checked it twice? Now that you know where all the items are going to be located (because you’re smart and you called your local Target and followed Step 1you must now organize your list from GOTTA-HAVE-IT-OMG to the “meh could live without it”.  Also, note that Target is NOT putting limits on how many of an item you can buy at one time. Although it would be highly greedy of you to buy 20 of one item just to resell on eBay, but it does happen. Some Lilly for Target pieces have already been leaked and have made their way to eBay for a whopping price. However DO NOTE that unlike the regular Target return policy, you only have 14 days to return these items to the store.

3) Determine if the crowd is worth it.

A lot of people LOATHE Black Friday shopping (I’m one of them!), so if you’re one of those who get anxiety just thinking about crowds and the calamity that comes with it, maybe you should just shop the collection online. This is top secret info right here: did you KNOW that the collection is rumored to go live on the website between midnight and 2am? You can be sure to tell your friends that technically you bought that swimsuit before them and the only downside is that it won’t arrive until a week later, but it was still yours first.

4) You’ve determined, YUP, the crowd is TOTES worth it!

Now you’ve decided you’re waking up and dragging your butt to the store at 7am to go wait in line (hopefully you’ll be the first one) and you’ve got to prepare an outfit. Do you remember super market sweep? The contestants all wore sneakers and flexible bottoms because they were sprinting like chickens with their heads cut off around the store to fill their carts up. I highly recommend wearing sneakers in case of trampling (y’all remember what happened with the Missoni for Target right..?) and for walking briskly (ladies do not run for discounts!) around the store to gather up what you need. Wear bottoms that are either easy to try stuff on over or easy to change out of,I will be wearing something like this so I can slip on pants and skirts in the middle of the store. There probably won’t be too much time for trying on, but just in case you can gather all the sizes you need and take it to a remote area of the store to try on, you need to have clothing that won’t interfere with trying on. Wear loose fitting t shirts for the same reason. Don’t bother with frillies and past season Lilly shirts. A simple camisole and a jacket for zipping on and off will do just fine!

5) Divide and Conquer.

So you have friends who support and love you but Lilly for Target is the least of their concern? Bribe them with brunch post shopping binge and beg ask them to come with you to help! If you know that Furniture and Clothes aren’t going to be in the same area, drag your bestie with you and ask them to grab you the items off your list from the furniture section while you make a mad dash to the Clothing department. Once finished, reward them with plenty of mimosas! Also Fiancé’s and significant others take bribe’s well. If you need some intimidating muscle to be your guard while you gather your Lilly, than bring him along! Just make sure to feed them after the madness.

6) Caffeinate up!

Not a 5AM wake up call type of girl? There’s nothing worse than being the zombie stumbling through the crowds to try to get what you want! Make sure you have at least one cup of coffee in the morning to get you going.

7) Remember your Manners!

If there is something I hate worse than being improperly dressed in public, it’s bad manners. Just call me Effie Trinket. You might be fighting a crowd and be tempted to shoot the bird or curse expletives to the woman who just elbowed you out of the way to get the last pair of Pineapple Flip Flops, but you weren’t raised in a barn so don’t behave like it. At the end of the day, you might come out with less than you anticipated, but feel better about yourself because you didn’t resort to dirty tactics to get what you want. Plus if you’re really concerned with how someone is behaving (like they are literally lashing out at people and stealing from your/ or others carts), you have the right to tell management and hopefully the manager on duty will reserve the right to remove said angry customer for disorderly conduct.  Bad manners are NEVER an excuse to get what you want. Grown women should never resort to name calling and thievery from others carts. If someone else got what you wanted–tough luck– maybe you can find one online or later in the week when the returns start trickling in.

8) Go Home and immediately post on Instagram your new haul!

If you weren’t fighting crowds at 8am on Sunday April 19th, did you really even shop the Lilly for Target collaboration? Pics or it didn’t happen!

9) Congratulations! You made it out of the store alive!

Now it’s time for a strong mimosa and a nap to celebrate your haul that will keep you going through summer!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Coral me Crazy

Coral Me Crazy | Sensibly Sharp Coral Me Crazy | Sensibly SharpCoral Me Crazy | Sensibly Sharp Coral Me Crazy | Sensibly Sharp Coral Me Crazy | Sensibly SharpDress || Shoes (old) similar || Clutch || Hat || Sunglasses

Derby Day 4: Who, What, Wear?

Welcome back to our {almost} final Derby Post for Derby week! You’ve now seen how to dress for the infield, for box seats and a signature drink recipe for you and your guests to enjoy if you’re tailgating or hosting a party at home!

So what’s a hostess with the most-ess supposed to wear for her very own Derby Party? Well something comfortable and that has lots of flexibility of course! That’s why I really love J. McLaughlin’s signature Catalina Cloth dresses! They are made of that slinky material that stretches when you move but retains its shape regardless what it’s put through. And the best part? That material is wrinkle proof! It’s darn near impossible to wrinkle this material so it’s perfect for the busy hostess who wants to look effortlessly chic as she bustles up to serve you with another Mint Julep!

Since you’re hosting this party at home, don’t forget that you can wear your best high heels and not worry about sinking into the grass while walking about! A hat is still a must for any Derby party goer.

Horse Racing is such a great sport to watch! As an avid equestrian myself, I have true respect for the animals who compete in these races. Most are treated like royalty and get better care than award winning athletes! However, there is as always an ugly side to such a beautiful sport and luckily there are people out there who try to rectify the poor behavior from some disgruntled sportsman. I have been a long time fan of Maker’s Mark Equestrian Center (I even considered buying a horse from them not too long ago). They have a great rehabilitation program for off the track thoroughbreds (OTTB) where they recondition raced and unraced horses and place them with owners who have been thoroughly interviewed and will give them a long fulfilling career. There are a plethora of Race Horse Rehabilitation programs out there, but I truly believe in Maker’s Mark which is why I donate to them every year! You can donate and volunteer with them too if you are interested.

xoxo- Cynthia

*I would like to say a huge thank you to my friends at the Avalon J. McLaughlin for letting me borrow these clothes you will see in the next few days. I truly think the Avalon J.McLaughlin is the prettiest of the stores I’ve been in! If you haven’t popped in yet, they are located at 5170 Avalon Boulevard Alpharetta GA, 30009

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Hats Off To A Good Race!

Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly Sharp Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly Sharp Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly Sharp Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly Sharp Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly Sharp Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly Sharp Hats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly SharpHats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly SharpHats Off To A Good Race | Sensibly SharpDress || Hat || Sunglasses || Clutch || Shoes (old) similar and similar || Necklace

The Girly Girl at the Kentucky Derby

Do  you often get referred to as the girly girl? Or do you just enjoy wearing bright candy colored dresses and spectacular pink shoes? Then this event was made for you! The Derby is all about you best and brightest! The jockeys wear colorful shirts to show off their team pride, so why shouldn’t you? Here are a few tips to navigate Kentucky Derby Attire.

The Kentucky Derby can get hot. However, if it ends up being on the tad colder side due to a stray rainstorm, you’re going to want a well assembled dress to shield you from the elements. This candy stripe flapper style dress is possibly my new dress obsession. It is thick enough for a colder day, but made from linen so it’s breathable to keep you cool on a warmer day! Plus the little bamboo clutch is the perfect accessory and is easy to hold while you’re drinking your $12 souvenir cup Mint Julep.

If hats aren’t your thing, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a hat either! I found this amazing straw hat at Columbia, bought $5 worth of ribbon from Joanne’s and tied a pretty bow on the side to jazz it up a bit. Although, if you want the perfect bow brimmed hat, you can always get my favorite pack-able one from Tuckernuck here.

And if you aren’t sitting in the infield, you can pair this dress with some pretty strappy stilettos, but I thought my old pair of bow wedges would do just the trick.

If you missed day one and day two of derby week, you can click here and here to see the tips!

Also you may have noticed there were real live animals in these pictures. Yes I personally know that donkey, her name is Esther and she’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet! She followed us around the whole time we were taking pictures. I just couldn’t leave her out, I would have felt, rather like an ass.

xoxo- Cynthia

*I would like to say a huge thank you to my friends at the Avalon J. McLaughlin for letting me borrow these clothes you will see in the next few days. I truly think the Avalon J.McLaughlin is the prettiest of the stores I’ve been in! If you haven’t popped in yet, they are located at 5170 Avalon Boulevard Alpharetta GA, 30009


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Talk Derby To Me

Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly Sharp Talk Derby To Me | Sensibly SharpTop || Pants || Shoes || Sunglasses || Hat || Clutch||

How to Dress for the Kentucky Derby The Infield

I’ve been to two horse races in my life, one where I was in the infield and so unbelievably unprepared for what that was like, and the other cushy box seats sitting 5 feet away from Kirk Herbstreit (total name dropper) and he was buying his whole section (not mine unfortunately) the expensive Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby.

While both races were at the same event–Churchill Downs– the experience was very very different and I would have dressed differently for both. Today on Day 2 of Derby Week I am going to share with you dressing tips for infield shenanigans.

Know Before You Go:

The Infield is just as it sounds, the large innermost section of the race track and its the cheapest tickets you can get so you get quite the mix of characters. You will have your Louiseville Kentucky locals who, while charming in their own way, treat a horse race as a NASCAR race and dress as such. You will have your preppy mc-prepperson college kids who are dressed in Seersucker head to toe and ladies wearing their prettiest Lilly Pulitzer dresses and stiletto heels. Then you will have your families of horse crazy children who are playing on the blow up bounce houses and running a muck!

So how does one dress for such a wide ranging event?

My rule of thumb is be comfortable, wear wedged shoesand of course wear a pretty hat you won’t mind possibly losing or getting dirty.

I think these pants from J. McLaughlin pair with this lace shirt and wedged heels would be the perfect outfit for anyone who is viewing the Derby from the infield. The pants are a light and stretchy material, and the shirt is pretty and dainty. The patterned pants will assure that you won’t get lost from your friends if such a thing happens. Add a colored clutch and you will be on your way to best dressed in-field! Just don’t forget your sunglasses!

Are you planning any horse race related events for the spring?

xoxo- Cynthia

*I would like to say a huge thank you to my friends at the Avalon J. McLaughlin for letting me borrow these clothes you will see in the next few days. I truly think the Avalon J.McLaughlin is the prettiest of the stores I’ve been in! If you haven’t popped in yet, they are located at 5170 Avalon Boulevard Alpharetta GA, 30009


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The Middleton Mule

Welcome to Derby Week! The Middleton Mule | Sensibly Sharp

What is Derby week you ask? This week I will be sharing some tips, DIY’s and recipes to throw the perfect Derby party (or horse racing related sporting event party) for you and your guests. A huge tradition in the South is to dress in your finest, throw on your biggest hat, slap some wedges on and watch a good ol’ horse race with you and your closest friends. Whether you are tailgating in the infield, sitting in a box at the finish line or hosting your own party at home, there is a tip for every Derby watcher here at Derby Week.  I figured I would kick this week off with a fun boozy recipe I created in ode to the Moscow Mule but with a little twist.

A champagne twist, and maybe a whole passion fruit.

I think a Moscow Mule is one of the most refreshing drinks at a bar. Just one sip transports you to a lovely outdoor patio somewhere in New England where they never experience humidity and everyone seems to be able to wear sweaters in the middle of summer.

Everyone knows you have to have a signature drink served at your Derby party, and most choose to serve a Mint Julep (which I will be) but with a full day of drinking ahead you need to have a few drink recipes on hand, and this one is a winner for all palates. The Middleton Mule | Sensibly Sharp

Since this isn’t a true Moscow Mule I had to rename this classy broad after another classy broad: Kate Middleton of course. The Middleton Mule | Sensibly SharpThe Middleton Mule | Sensibly Sharp The Middleton Mule | Sensibly Sharp

 The Middleton Mule:

You will need only a few ingredients, most you should have in your pantry (gin and champagne that is) and the only thing I forsee you buying is a passion fruit.

  1. 2 ounces gin
  2. 6 ounces champagne or bubbly of your choice
  3. 2 tablespoons of simple syrup
  4. 1/2 of a passionfruit, seeds and everything
  5. sprig of mint
  6. crushed ice
  7. The best copper mugs on the market

Mix all ingredients together in a copper mug, stir don’t shake until combined. Pop a paper straw in, serve and relax.

The Middleton Mule | Sensibly Sharp


I just recently received these copper mugs from Pure Copper Mug brand mugs and I couldn’t be more happy about the quality! It’s hard to find sturdy copper mugs and when you do they’re $40 a piece for a copper painted tin mug. The best thing about these Pure Copper Mugs, is that they are just that: Pure Copper. They are incredibly beautiful and I can forsee these lasting me a looong time so long as none of my friends try walking out the door with them like most people leave restaurants with the fake copper mugs.

The only thing I wish was different was that the handle would be more reminiscent of the idealistic copper mug however these handles are welded on so they are attached much more study than the other kinds.  Pure Copper Mug can also be found on instagram @coppermug!

Are you throwing a Derby Party? If so, what are you looking forward to the most?

xoxo- Cynthia 

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Experience Avalon

You guys know I love the Avalon..

I work right next to it, and it’s closer to my house than Buckhead, so it’s nice to get the Buckhead Experience without fighting all of metro-Atlanta down 400 south to get there.

So when the Social Media babes from Avalon (@avaloninsider) reached out to me for an invite to their blogger event, I happily RSVP’ed yes, and marked my calendars.

Experience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp

When we arrived to the patio, we were greeted by a mixologist making adult Arnold Palmers with Colletta’s handmade Limoncello and generously had laid out little bits and bites to eat. Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp House made smoked salmon crostini’s and a steak and gorgonzola spread awaited to be tasted. Both excellent; both a dish I wish there was a to-go box for. I’m definitely going to have to go back to Colletta for their smoked salmon.

After meeting fellow bloggers on the patio, and almost being blown away by the wind, we scurried over to the pop-up shop Crafted (yes the same Crafted you love in Westside) as they were setting up to open the following week. Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp Fun trinkets and the most beautiful leather handbags I’ve ever touched welcomed us in. We got to meet the owner of this fun artisan based store and snoop all the products that were making their way out of boxes and onto shelves. Experience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpLately, the wind has been out of control in Atlanta. You would think we lived right by the ocean and somehow the weekends seem to be the most windy days of the week. This also was hopefully the last cold weekend we’ll be having in the South until fall rolls around. If the sun is shining, I expect it to be 70+ from now on! 
Experience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp

Jeans Half off with code “HOPTOIT”|| Striped Top (essential closet staple)  || Anorak  50% off with code “CYBER50″|| Shoes (old) similar || Clutch (gift) similar || Sunglasses || Watch || Bangle (c/o) || Rope Bracelet || Chain Necklace

A note about this Striped top. I normally wear a 4/6 in American clothing and I had to order this in a size 10 (British sizing) but it also fits very tight. Originally I ordered it in a size 8 and had to exchange. Just be aware when going to buy the shirt! Also it is on sale right now for $10 off, so if you don’t already have a breton striped shirt in your closet, now would be a good time to invest!

I also really love this anorak I picked up from Loft a couple of weeks ago! It’s been a great spring jacket for casual outings and it has a bunch of fun tabs and pulls to change up the shape. It definitely tips it’s hat to the nautical side of things and I think I just might have to buy it for my grandma for Mother’s day!

Our next stop was Fab’rik and they had brought DryBar in to do a little hair braiding for the shoppers that day. I quickly sat myself down in the chair to get braided, which of course, in honor of Game of Thrones coming back this month I went for a Cersei inspired braid. 
Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp

Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp Experience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp

After the wind nearly destroyed my pretty little half updo braid, we made it to Kendra Scott to play with their new color bar. I created my own triple layer that I absolutely love (and if you follow on instagram you’ve seen it up close and personal here). Started it with the Elisa Pendant as the shortest layer in iridescent pearl, then this simple drusy Connie necklace and finished with the Sandra Pendant in baby pink. I absolutely need to go back and buy the other two as I have treated myself to the first one.

Finally it was onto the main event: Mimosas and a tour of the Haven Apartment complex.
Experience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly SharpExperience Avalon | Sensibly Sharp

We were able to tour the 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. They were absolute luxury! Not only were the closets extremely spacious, but you have amazing balcony views of the entire Avalon area. Plus you have access to meeting rooms, workout centers and it even has a gigabyte of internet streaming speed, which is insane seeing that most households run off of 100-ish megabytes.

The Haven at Avalon is truly a bloggers dream! I would love to have access to this dreamy retro pool area.

If you’re interested at living at Haven be sure to check out the amenities here.

Thanks to the team at Avalon for an unforgettable day!

xoxo- Cynthia

Just one more thing: when can I move in?

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Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink | Sensibly Sharp

Pretty in Pink | Sensibly SharpPretty in Pink | Sensibly SharpPretty in Pink | Sensibly SharpPretty in Pink | Sensibly SharpPretty in Pink | Sensibly SharpPretty in Pink | Sensibly Sharp

Dress || Shoes || Necklace (not online) Similar|| Sunglasses || Ring (c/o Rocksbox use code sensiblysharpxoxo at checkout for your first month free!) || Hat

This is one of those outfits where you just want to start singing the “Barbie song” while hanging out with Cher Horowitz at Beverly Hills High School. I wore this for Easter and it was so nice! The weather was perfect and it was super sunny out so I decided to put on a hat, because I’m terrified of what the sun will do to my skin – and it’s a chic accessory- so on it went!

So one of my favorite pairs of heeled sandals I bought from Nordstrom Rack 4 years ago as the shoe I was going to wear while traipsing about in London and Paris for Study Abroad. I possibly put about 60 miles on those shoes in less than 2 weeks. While the integrity of the shoe is still great, they are still some of the most comfortable and well broken in shoes– so I couldn’t justify getting rid of them when they’re in their prime of life. Plus I absolutely loved the quality and the original price I paid. When I visited Nordstrom Rack recently for their “Clear the Rack” sale I found an updated version of those beloved sandals (which are still in tact, and yes I still wear them) by the same designer so I knew I had to have them!

Investment pieces are so important, and when it comes to shoes I don’t like to spend a fortune but I don’t like to skimp either. If you’re going to invest in a pair of wedged sandals this year, I highly recommend these Franco Sarto sandals because the price point is great and the quality is impeccable.

PS How cute would this outfit look with this navy and white stripe Minkoff cross body? I absolutely love it and you can get 25% off with code “SPRING25″ at checkout! Score!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Blue Donkey Coffee

I love coffee.

Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp But only good coffee. And for those of you who think Starbucks is OHMYGAH good coffee, well sorry but that just is not good coffee. It’s overly hyped, super instagram worthy coffee, but flavor and enjoy-ability wise? Just meh and is it just me or does it always taste burnt? I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: White Girl Blasphemy that I don’t like Starbucks, I know.. Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp

The first time I had Blue Donkey Coffee was in Piedmont Park at their little setup in the green market. I saw them touting that they had excellent iced coffee, and I just had to taste it myself!

Well– it was amazing.. Which leads us to today, a year after my first Blue Donkey Coffee experience and I still think it’s the best coffee, iced or hot, so the owners sent me some of their new coffee pods to try out at home which only made it more amazing that I could enjoy some delicious iced coffee while I did a whole lot of nothin’ this past weekend. Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly SharpBlue Donkey Coffee is micro roasted in Atlanta. Although of course the beans are grown in South and Latin America, Will roasts each by hand in a small warehouse just south of Atlanta. Each coffee package has either a little card or a stamp saying “Roasted by Will” and the date that it was roasted.

You know how they say you should “Know your farmer?” I feel the same way about my roasters. I want to know the story of my coffee and I want to know that the people behind the business are doing this for good reasons and choosing ethical sources. And they aren’t charging you an arm and a leg for a bag of coffee. For one specialty coffee at Starbucks, you can get a whole 2 weeks worth of coffee from Blue Donkey.

And it’s organic.

And they have the best story why it’s Blue Donkey. 
Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp

Steps for making the perfect Iced Coffee:

  1. Brew a couple of Blue Donkey Coffee Keurig Pods the night before and put them in a glass pitcher.
  2. Make some simple syrup (if you don’t have it on hand). Find directions here or simply boil one part sugar with one part water until clear.
  3. Fill a glass (I love how fun these gold rimmed glasses are!) with ice and pour your chilled coffee in.
  4. Add 1-2 tablespoons of simple syrup to your glass.
  5. Splash of cream to your tasting.
  6. Plop a striped paper straw in your glass ⇐ Very important step, increases the flavor by 15%!
  7. Stir
  8. Find a back porch, sit in a comfy chair, listen to the birds sing, read a book, and enjoy.

Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp Blue Silk Shirt and similar || White Jeans || Necklace and Ring (c/o rocksbox use code sensiblysharpxoxo at checkout for your first month free!) Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp

Glass pitcher (old) similar || Gold Rimmed Glass || Paper Straws || Hand Towel || Phone Case || Sunglasses || Blue creamer pitcher (antique) similar here and love this one!Blue Donkey Coffee | Sensibly Sharp

Thanks to Will and the team for sending me my favorite coffee. The worst thing about this coffee is that it runs out eventually. Looks like I’m going to have to place another order soon! Interested in getting some yourself? Blue Donkey has coupon code for Sensibly Sharp readers only. Enter “BLUE30” at checkout for 30% off your total purchase!

Have you tried Blue Donkey Coffee?

xoxo- Cynthia

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