Holiday Makeup Inspiration with 100% Pure Makeup

With the Holidays quickly approaching, everyone is busy planning outfits, meals and even trips but one thing people tend to forget to plan is their makeup! At the end of a busy day and in between Holiday Errands, it can be easy to forget to add a little sparkle and shine to your typical makeup routine.

Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Sensibly Sharp

With a little help from my favorite All Natural Makeup Company, 100% Pure, I’m bringing you a Holiday look that will take you from Christmas shopping to eating Latkes by candle light and even cheers-ing with your besties on NYE.

As you guys recall from Instagram and past posts, if there’s something I’m obsessed with it’s 100% Pure’s All Natural makeup.

Little Back Story.. 

For years in college and before that I used cheap drugstore makeup and then even upgraded for a while to Bare Minerals. Well my complexion was never spectacular so I loaded up on more makeup and thought maybe just needed a little more concealer. Then one day I found an article on Pinterest that said all the crap they put in makeup is causing un-even skin tones, breakouts and even eczema in some people! So I ditched the chemicals and googled “Best All Natural Makeup” and BOOM landed on 100% Pure!

I’ve been using it for about 2 years now and my complexion has completely transformed. I no longer have excessively red and dry skin, and I don’t get weird breakouts like I used to. To say that 100% pure is to praise for my change of skin complexion is an understatement. They are responsible for transforming my skin completely!

So 100% Pure sent me their new Pomegranate lipstick line to test out for the past two weeks and I’ve had so much fun playing “dress up” with their new line. I’ve put together a quick (and quirky) pictorial for you on my Holiday Makeup Routine! You’ll be camera ready in no time!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Sensibly Sharp

* The tip to great makeup is clean, exfoliated skin thats been moisturized and has a good primer base.
3) Setting Powder- crucial to keep you from getting shiny
4) Contour Cheekbones and Nose
6) Highlight Cheekbones
11) Mascara
12) Fill in Eyebrows
13) Sweet & Girly with Dandelion | Top 3 favorite color
14) Sophisticated Nude with Calendula
15) Be-U-Tiful with Narcissus | Top 3 favorite color
16) Natural Nude with Foxglove
17) Pretty in Pink with Magnolia
18) The Perfect Holiday Red with Poppy | Top 3 favorite color
19) An Ode to Summer in Melon
20) High Class PInk in Primrose

Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Sensibly Sharp

I really can’t decide which color is my favorite. Each is so unique and the colors are so vibrant! What I love about this product (which others may not like) is that the pigments are so rich it leaves a nice little stain on your lips once all the lipstick has worn off. I failed forgot to wash this off one night, and woke the next morning with a lovely pinkish stain left of my lips.Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Sensibly Sharp

These lipsticks are made with Pomegranate oil and shea butter (the first two ingredients in the list) which have super anti-aging and intense moisturizing properties to keep your lips wrinkle free and soft during these colder months. No synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives nor any other toxins, so your pretty little lips aren’t being smothered in scary toxins like lead, cadmium and aluminum (proof) in conventional lip products. The worst thing you could possibly have too much of in your body is lead. A known neurotoxin, lead can lead to serious developmental issues and cancer.

So skip the scary and join the natural side of things with 100% Pure! Not only are these products fantastic in coverage but you’re also getting great skin benefits for using vitamin rich, vegan and organic makeup products!

If you want to check what’s new with 100% Pure check on their Instagram and also the New Arrivals page!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Sensibly Sharp

Oh and did I mention they have the fiance kiss-able seal of approval?

Have you tried any 100% Pure products yet?

xoxo- Cynthia

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A Guide to Bonobos Guideshop Buckhead

In a little nook right off of one the busiest streets in Buckhead, a man haven just opened up in the new Buckhead Atlanta High End Shopping area. What I mistakenly referred to as BAH-NA-BOSE (blame the Southern Drawl)  is actually pronounce BUH-NO-BOSE and will leave that I-hate-all-types-of-shopping-why-did-I-let-you-drag-me-here man in your life a little more enthusiastic about shopping than if you were going to Nordstrom. Bonobos has been a name that is familiar in our household for several years because Andrew buys a pair of Christmas Pants from them every year, and this years collection is excellent (FYI still time to order!).

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the new Bonobos Guideshop last week to snoop around their new store and sip on some Moscow Mules.

Bonobos | Sensibly Sharp

I’ve been in one other Bonobos Guideshop before and funnily enough it was when we made a wrong turn in Georgetown down a small cobblestone alley. I at the time had no idea what a Guideshop was but it was nice to be able to walk around the store touching and feeling all the lovely textiles. Bonobos | Sensibly Sharp

I’m not sure about you, but from my experience 95% of all men HATE loathe conventional shopping methods. I know that Andrew is a HUGE online shopper, he rarely buys clothes from a store unless we happen to be passing a Vineyard Vines. Andrew first bought a pair of Bonobos about 3 years ago. The first pair he bought, didn’t fit right, so he sent it back, contacted a service rep and they promptly sent him another pair within 2 days. I sure do appreciate good Customer Service and these people seem to have perfected it. Bonobos | Sensibly SharpBonobos | Sensibly Sharp

The great thing about this Guideshop is that it basically skips all the back and forth with ordering over their website if you don’t have a correct size. A Guideshop showcases everything Bonobos has to offer online and in their catalog but in a store and in multiple sizes so men can come in and get fitted perfectly for each item! The best part about this brick and mortar e-commerce store is that it only takes a couple of times trying things on and buying different pieces for their computer system to have all of your sizes recorded depending upon fit which makes ordering easier in the future. Bonobos | Sensibly Sharp

So basically, men get to come in, try on a few things, have the customer service rep log all their sizes, order what they want and then voila, it’s delivered to their door a few days later! No having to worry about bags and potentially wrinkling their new duds on the way home. The e-commerce store has completely transformed the way men will be shopping. There’s even a lounge space for the women to sit and stare while the men try on their best and come sauntering out of the fitting room to model their clothing. Bonobos | Sensibly Sharp

The winter collection is nothing short of beautiful. Yes the men’s clothing here is absolutely stunning. For such a reasonable price for great quality men’s clothing, this clothing is spectacular. They do an excellent job of mixing prints and adding ties to “casual” outfits. I believe more men are finding that they can wear more than just a button up to look put together. I particularly like this red sweater, gingham button up and bow tie combination.

But even though I love clothing and I love looking at Men’s Clothing, I had alterior motives for coming to tonight’s event: Shake Shack and the Moscow Mules were some of the best I’ve ever had. Bonobos | Sensibly SharpBonobos | Sensibly Sharp

Rachel, me, Monique and Luisa waiting for the main event: Burgers and hot dogs to be passed around. Bonobos | Sensibly Sharp

Cheers-ing with our delicious Moscow Mules and Sweetwaters. This image was borrowed from Peachtree Roadies because unfortunately we didn’t get one with my camera (nor the professional photos) of Meg in it and I couldn’t leave her out! Bonobos | Sensibly SharpAt the middle of the event we were treated to a welcoming speech from the Founder and CEO, Andy Dunn. He looked dapper in head to toe Bonobos with that amazing plaid coat. Seriously eyeing it for Andrew, because it’s delightfully brilliant. He told us all about how the company started in his apartment and in the first year they realized they had something special since men really were getting into online shopping. He was particularly excited to open the Atlanta Guideshop as it is the 11th one to open.

The Bonobos Guideshop is officially open in Atlanta and if you want to come in for your personal fitting you can make an appointment here or just walk on in! Walk ins are accepted. You also can have special events there such as Wedding Party Fittings and Host Charity events there as well. I’m particularly excited about the wedding party fitting. I never realized how much I would love for all the groomsmen to be decked out in Bonobos suits with matching bowties and maybe gingham shirts.

Now the last question I have for Bonobos, when are you getting a women’s line? 

xoxo- Cynthia

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Shop and Stroll at Emory Point


Last Week I had the pleasure of joining the Reynolds Group PR and some lovely Atlanta Bloggers for Emory Point’s kick off to their Shop and Stroll event with Lizard Thicket, American Threads, Francesca’s and Fab’rikShop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp


The event started at Lizard Thicket with trays of cupcakes from GiGi’s, koozied water bottles and a gift card to each boutique we were to visit that night. I decided to throw together a little outfit for y’all from each store to show you what you can currently find at their stores!  * Note: Somehow all three of us managed to leave our Cameras at home, so we resorted to the tried and true iPhone Camera. Me personally, I think this is a great mobile camera! I use it as a backup all the time. Actually this entire post was taken with an iPhone. Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits for the night. I love plaids. I just always have a hard time finding just the right shade. This one was perfect and nice and long (because technically it was a tunic) and I paired it with a red puffer vest that they had there. Pairing it with some nude flats and black trousers gave it a little less of a casual feel than if I had been wearing riding boots. Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly SharpShop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp


Our next stop was at American Threads, which I had actually never shopped at before! It was teaming with adorable things. I couldn’t decide between the pretty gray sweater with lace trim or this fun black and sequin dress that’d be cute for a couple of Holiday parties coming up. You’ll just have to keep checking back on the Blog to see what I bought. Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

After lingering too long at American Threads, we skipped over to Francesca’s. I was immediately attracted to this J Crew look-a-like sweater and thought it would be fun to soften up this faux leather skirt.
Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Our last stop of the evening was at one of my favorite boutiques, Fab’rik. I wore a shirt from them for our Engagement Pictures and found the prettiest floral shirt for summer here, and wore this amazingly unique dress in this post and had got it on sale from them! I like to think of this as a more adult wardrobe friendly boutique! Don’t get me wrong, I love bright colors and unique pieces, but sometimes boutiques cater towards the 14-19 year old range, and quite frankly I have a hard time finding something that could very possibly be worn to work at those places. Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

Monique, Luisa and I kicked off our last shopping event with some bubbles and giftbags! Fab’rik was kind enough to give us the sweetest goodie bag I’ve ever seen. Candles, Hanky Panky’s, Scarves and makeup related items, it was such a treat to shop with them! Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

I think I would actually wear this dress. Where to? Not sure. Is around the house not acceptable for these kinds of things? Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly SharpShop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly SharpShop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

This was my favorite outfit I tried on for the night. I was immediately drawn to this dress because it’s gorgeous, tasteful, affordable and matched perfectly with my new felt hat (which is also from Fab’rik). I can actually get away with wearing this dress to work with some tights and black heels. It screams chic. Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly Sharp

And since Luisa and I were both wearing felt hats, it was only appropriate that we recreate our favorite emoji: the dancing twins. Potential Halloween Costume for next year? I think yes! Shop & Stroll at Emory Point | Sensibly SharpA few other bloggers from Metro Atlanta were also there to celebrate with bubbles and good sales: Nicole from Probably Polka Dots, Rachel from Just Peachy and Adriana from Gold Style Copper.

If you want to be a part of Shop & Stroll at Emory Point be sure to pop by sometime on Saturday the 20th between 12-4pm! Every $100 you spend at each store you get a $20 gift card and free gifts with all purchases! So if you have some last minute shopping to finish (like me) then you can be rewarded for shopping! There are also a bunch of fun family related activities for the young ones who can’t bear to watch you try on another sweater like face painting, visits with Disney Princesses and Caroling. I happend to pop in last weekend and the entire area was electrified with Christmas Spirit! And to keep you warm, make sure to stop in the General Muir for a tasty Hot Cocoa. If you want more information about Shop & Stroll be sure to click here!

Hope you have a fabulous week! I have some fun posts coming up this week, one which I’ve been working on since Sunday. I think the hours I’ve put in have officially tolled to almost 12 on it, so I hope it turns out good! Only 9 more days until Christmas, can you believe it? I still have to buy Mr. Tucker some Christmas bones for his stocking! #crazydogmom

xoxo- Cynthia

*Lizard Thicket, Fab’rik, Francesca’s, American Threads and Strippaggio  were kind enough to give us a small giftcard to each of their stores. Even though we were given these gifts, all opinions and thoughts are my own, because let’s be real, who doesn’t currently love these boutiques?

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Stripes + Dots

Stripes + Dots | Sensibly Sharp Stripes + Dots | Sensibly Sharp Stripes + Dots | Sensibly SharpStripes + Dots | Sensibly Sharp Stripes + Dots | Sensibly Sharp Stripes + Dots | Sensibly Sharp Stripes + Dots | Sensibly Sharp


Sweater (1 left at Nordstrom Rack) Similar and Love this one // TurtleNeck // Necklace// Polka Dot Tights// Boot Socks// Boots ($150 off!) // Purse ($100 off!)

For one of our first Thanksgiving outings I wore one of my favorite sweater dresses from Nordstrom Rack. I’ve realized that I really enjoy wearing different textures and things with contrasting (yet coordinating) patterns. My favorite thing about this is that you can’t really hate the fact that I’m wearing stripes and dots together because it’s all the same color scheme– neutral. I have been wearing the life out of these boot socks! I love the gray, but I think I’m going to have to buy them in cream also and maybe another pair of gray just in case I wear my first pair too much..

Style tip of the day: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns so long as it’s on the same color scale. This outfit really leaves a lot to draw the eye to because of all the interesting pattern but ( I hope) no one will be looking at this thinking that it’s too loud or distracting. Can we also get an amen for the cowl neck sweater? I love a good cowl neck, they’re the perfect top layer for a turtle neck or jeweled collar shirt. Oh an another thing to love? These tights are from Spanx so they hold you in a little more than normal tights!

Also, I’ve been so busy lately! Between moving to a new house, work and all the after work events with my girls, I can’t say that I’ve been home earlier than 10pm on a work night in at least two weeks! To say I’m burnt out is an understatement. All I want to do is spend the evening decorating our teeny Christmas tree, drinking hot cocoa, eating homemade popcorn and watching some of my favorite Christmas Movies while Tucker lounges in front of the fire place! I can’t wait to get our little home decorate more to show you guys around! Two words to get you excited: double oven. Oh and gas heating and stoves! You have no idea how much I have hated cooking on electric for the past 6 years while living in apartments! It’s the little things in life.. HA!

Have a good Thursday!


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A Touch of Prep

Monogram It - Sensibly Sharp Monogram It - Sensibly Sharp Monogram It - Sensibly Sharp Monogram It - Sensibly Sharp Monogram It - Sensibly Sharp

Jeans (old) similar wash// Boots// Plaid Button Up// Sweater in Blue Lagoon// Vest (very old) similar// Monogram Patch// Earrings

So ages ago ( I mean at least 14 years ago) I went to this Natural Horseman Ship Conference with my friends (and parents) and I picked up my first ever equestrian-esque vest. This was before the time vests were cool and it also had a giant iron on horse logo on the back and an embroidered patch on the front. Well I eventually outgrew my obsession with wearing horses on my clothing but I still loved the vest, I just couldn’t part with it! Especially because it was goose down and had super warm fleece on the inside. So After peeling off the back decal, I started attempting to rip out the embroidery on the front. Which, if you’re not aware, is impossible. So I thought to myself, how am I going to make this every day wearable?

Enter the monogram patch. It was big enough to cover the original embroidery and I got it in Navy and Seafoam so that it would blend better. It was $4 and I thought it was worth the risk.

Not only did it turn my vest from something that wasn’t wearable to something that could be worn every day (in appropriate weather of course) but the navy matches up so perfectly you can barely tell that it’s not just straight embroidered monogram on the vest! It’s definitely worth the investment to spice up your favorite vest, and to make a JCrew Vest a little more personal! The perfect accessory for preppy outfits!

In other news, all of Anthropologie’s Sale Items are currently an extra 30% off with code EXTRAMERRY! I’ve already filled up my cart twice and slowly had to delete things out because I somehow talked myself out of spending $300 on pillows, a new comforter and the prettiest shower curtain you ever did see.

Happy Monday!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Engagement Pictures

Engagements (16) copy Engagements (17) copy Engagements (20) copy Engagements (33) copy Engagements (36) copy Engagements (38) copy Engagements (42) copy Engagements (44) copy Engagements (47) copy Engagements (54) copy Engagements (62) copy Engagements (63) copy Engagements (85) copy Engagements (88) copy Engagements (93) copy Engagements (96) copy Engagements (97) copy Engagements (109) copy Engagements (110) copy Engagements (127) copy Engagements (128) copy Engagements (129) copy Engagements (133) copy Engagements (136) copy Engagements (137) copyEngagements (138) copyEngagements (139) copyEngagements (141) copyEngagements (142) copyEngagements (145) copyEngagements (147) copyEngagements (148) copyEngagements (149) copyEngagements (152) copyEngagements (153) copyEngagements (155) copyEngagements (156) copyEngagements (157) copyEngagements (158) copyEngagements (159) copyEngagements (160) copyEngagements (161) copyEngagements (165) copyEngagements (171) copyEngagements (174) copyEngagements (175) copyEngagements (177) copyEngagements (178) copyEngagements (179) copyEngagements (180) copyEngagements (183) copy
Engagements (187) copy


#1 Outfit on Me: Spanx Waxed Jeans (c/o) // Fab’rik top// Leopard Heels (sold out) super fun version!// Earrings// Necklace

#1 Outfit on Andrew: Pants// Button Up// Shep Shirt// Watch

#2 Outfit on Me: Floral Dress// Boot Socks// Boots (sold out) similar and on sale// Earrings// Gold Belt

#2 Outfit on Andrew: Pants// Button Up// PullOver// Watch

Tucker: Collar #1// Collar #2 (yes even dogs get outfit changes)

Hair: “The Cosmo” from Drybar in Avalon (remember this post)

Hair color: The talented and beautiful Michelle Merz from Impulse Salon in Marietta I currently get Balayage!

We had an absolutely blast taking engagement pictures two weeks ago! Our photographer, Kaylan from Happy Everything Co, made us feel so comfortable and was really great at helping us choose poses (although I already had an idea of how I wanted to pose) and she definitely helped us make those happen! She even helped Andrew warm up to the camera who was dreading taking pictures all day like any man.. Happy to do it for me and with me, but if he had his way he would skip all pictures all the time.

We also really wanted to incorporate a funny picture where Tucker (wearing a sign with our date on it) was running away from us and we were chasing after him so that we had to “save the date”! How do you think we did?

So one coincidental thing to mention about our outfits. Andrew and I have been living separately for about a month and I only just picked up this dress the week before our engagement pictures because I loved all the fall colors! So I told Andrew to wear one of his blue button ups with the orange pullover that he had, but I had no idea how perfect the colors were going to match in person! I hadn’t seen him for two weeks prior to these pictures so I had to use my imagination on what he had in his closet and maybe that’s why we looked extra starry eyed. That outfit combination was meant to be though!

Now the hard part.. picking one for our Save the Dates! Hope you enjoyed peaking into our engagement pictures! Today is your last chance to enter the #ShapeTheSeason giveaway  with Spanx on Instagram! Make sure you enter!

Have a fabulous weekend! I have LOTS of Christmas parties to attend this weekend, should be a blast!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Like a Boss: Holiday Gifts for Your Boss

Bosses are tricky people to shop for. You have to be careful not to offend them in any way by assuming that they would like a certain gift you might consider giving them. If you plan on giving your boss a gift, you need to remember to keep it professional, because, as always, that gift is an extension of yourself and your taste. So buying them a pack of beer when you’ve never been invited to enjoy happy hour with them, would be rather inappropriate because they may not drink at all!

So I’ve compiled two helpful graphs, you might even call this a gift guide, but it’s the only gift guide you will ever see on this blog because it’s one that I will actually employ and have maybe already used!  Below is a helpful guide of what to buy your boss for Christmas and the Holidays and the best part? Everything is under $50!

Lady Boss:

Female Boss Gift Guide


Champagne truffles // Kiehl’s Giftset // Capri Blue Candles // Essie Nail Polish// DogEared Necklace// Kate Spade Business Card Holder// Backup Battery Charger for iPhone// Inspirational Mugs 

As a woman, I feel that it’s much easier to shop for a female boss than a male boss. I know my boss very well, and I could say without a doubt that she would enjoy everyone of these gifts since we’re so alike. I love dogeared jewelry for gifts because it says a simple statement and they are sweet and sentimental without being too imposing. I love these Champagne truffles, they are spectacular, and one time my boss gifted me a bottle of champagne, so I figured I could at least repay the flavor and get her something unique as well!

Male Boss:

Male Boss Gift Guide


Cocktail Kit// Monogram Notebook// Kiehl’s Body Soap// Cedar Shoe Trees// Sports Fan Socks// Marquee Letter// Whiskey Decanter 

Men are so hard to shop for. Be it dads, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, or your little brother, they’re just so difficult to shop for because (unlike women) men tend to live without indulging in wants or their wants are very very expensive (I’m looking at you, man who requested a Big Green Egg for Christmas…).

But luckily a nice gift, doesn’t have to be expensive for men so long as you know a little about them! Personalized notebooks are always a great idea for the busy-bee boss. I always see my boss scribbling away in his notebook, so it never hurts to have a backup. There are so many sports lovers out there that are always looking for their next “token” item to help their team win a championship. These fun socks do just the trick! You can tell your boss they’ve already been blessed by a football player, just for extra luck (no one has to know they weren’t ;) ). Remember what I said earlier about alcohol related gifts? I have been to many a happy hour with my bosses, so I know what my boss likes to drink. A Personalize decanter and Whiskey bottle would be a lovely accoutrement on their desk or bar at home.

A few professional gift giving reminders:

1) Stay away from alcohol or tobacco related gifts unless you know your boss really well. It wouldn’t be appropriate to give those things if you’ve never shared a toast with them!

2) Personalized items are great! If it has a monogram on it, then there is a good chance it’s perfect for your boss. Monogrammed necklaces, notebooks and even candies would do just the trick to let them know you took the time to look for something special for them!

3) Sports and hobby related items are always the perfect present.

4) Beware of homemade pies, cakes, cookies. You might not be aware of any dietary needs or allergies someone has. Unless they specifically request it, I would skip the homemade baked goods and opt for a decorative cookie from the super market to go along with something else that you get them.

5) When all else fails, delicious smelling candles are always a winning gift. My favorite Capri Blue candles or Diptyque would be such a lovely gift for a man or a woman. Bonus points for adding calming chamomile essential oil to the mix to relieve some stress!

Hope this helps! I will officially be watching some Holiday movies tonight! I’m already planning on some homemade hot chocolate, fresh popped corn and Elf to get me into the Holiday spirit! Don’t forget to enter the spanx giveaway on instagram! Winner will be picked tomorrow at 6pm!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Tight Tights + Giveaway

Tight Tights- Sensibly Sharp

Tight Tights- Sensibly Sharp Tight Tights- Sensibly Sharp Tight Tights- Sensibly Sharp Tight Tights- Sensibly Sharp Tight Tights- Sensibly Sharp Tight Tights- Sensibly SharpSweater (Nordstrom Rack find) similar// Turleneck (40% off)// Statement Necklace (similar and similar)// Spanx Tights (c/o)// Boot Socks// Boots

Ever since last month when I attended the Spanx #ShapeTheSeason event and got a pair of the INCREDIBLE Snakeskin Stripe Leggings, I have probably worn them almost every day when I got home from work and wanted to de-work clothes myself. They are my go-to pair of leggings for casual events and even bike riding on the beltline. They’re incredibly durable, and don’t let any wind penetrate so they’re perfect for the colder months!

Also, can I just get a hallelujah for the fact that turtlenecks are cool again? You have no idea how many times people called me an old lady for wearing turtlenecks, not my fault I like to be warm without wearing a cumbersome scarf wrapped around my neck all the time! I think thanks to SC&P the turtleneck has officially made it’s way back onto the ‘preppy’ list of things to wear this year. Thanks girl!

So now, two of you have the chance to win a pair of your very own Snakeskin stripe leggings from Spanx by heading over to my instagram page and sharing this picture with the hashtag #ShapeTheSeason and by following @spanx as well as myself (@cynthiateri)! All details can be found here. Good luck! The contest will run until Friday at 6pm so you can start the weekend in a good mood because you just won some cute new leggings.

xoxo- Cynthia

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Talking Turkey

I never got a chance to tell everyone last week Happy Thanksgiving!

As this was a very special Thanksgiving because for the first time in my life I was cooking everything from scratch! And the first time I’ve ever won my main course! The folks at White Oak Pastures  were hosting a contest on their facebook page to win a pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving, and I WON! You guys.. I’ve never won anything in my life, so for my first thing I ever won to be a Pasture Raised Turkey, I was ELATED!

Gobble Gobble.

So I researched and pinned and contemplated to brine or not to brine, that was the question. The answer is yes, always brine and use lots of BUTTER. Butta is betta afterall.

I made an easy compound herb butter and lathered that bird up so every inch of skin was covered.

Talking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp

Another thing that was on my to make list was homemade Pumpkin Pie without resorting to canned ingredients. Homemade crust, and an easy to follow recipe, honestly it was so easy I don’t think I’ll ever resort to canned pumpkin again. Talking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp Talking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp

I’m so darn proud of that pie. It was so much fun to make! Talking Turkey - Sensibly SharpTalking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp
Talking Turkey - Sensibly SharpTalking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp
Talking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp

Jeweled Collar Shirt// Sweater (old) similar// Mini Tweed Skirt (old) similar// Earrings (old) similar// Black Polka Dot Stockings// Booties// Watch
Talking Turkey - Sensibly Sharp

We had a small group together this year at my parents for Thanksgiving and my mom put her interior decorating skills to use and set the table gorgeously with fall colors and silver chargers (which she found at the thrift store. Who would give those away?)

Thanksgiving is always my favorite holiday because of all the monstrous amounts of food! Nothing beats stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and green bean casserole in my book! That and spending time with family in an increasingly hot kitchen all day is nice after not seeing everyone for a while!

So here I am, to tell you all Thanks from every square inch of my heart! I am so happy to have finally found the courage to start a blog and all the lovely comments and the fact that someone outside of my family is actually reads this truly makes me so happy! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all the lovely readers and fellow bloggers!

To that I want to say thanks to my incredibly lovely, utterly sweet blogger bestie Luisa from Peaches to Pearls. From stalking hashtags on instagram to our first date at Table & Main, it was love at first hashtag if you would! I am so incredibly thankful for having her in my life! She’s inspired me in so many ways, and I love having someone to encourage me to be a better blogger every day!

I’m also super thankful to have someone like Monique from Casually Chic by Monique in my backyard as well! She’s such a gorgeous girl inside and out, I mean seriously beautiful (Blake Lively look a like much?!) and she has amazing DIY’s and she’s so photogenic. #jealous. The blogging community can be a scary one to navigate, but not when you have two amazing girls like these on your team!

I’m thankful for healthy family and an always full belly. It’s easy to forget all the blessings you have daily when you see so many people out there with more. I’m constantly reminded to be thankful for what I have because some people only want to have clean water or a safe place to sleep, which is something we so often take for granted every day.

I’m thankful for being employed and utilizing those four years spent in Business school and working in the big girl world at an incredible software company.

It’s been a spectacular year so far, and I’m thankful for every trial and tribulation that has come my way. Each speed bump leads to a new way to address a challenge! Can’t wait to see where this goes next year!

Happy Thanksgiving (again)!

xoxo- Cynthia

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DryBar Blowout at Avalon

This year we’ve had a lot of exciting things open in Alpharetta. The motherload of those happen to the the shopping and lifestyle development that opened just earlier this year, the Avalon.

And one of the things I’ve been most anticipating is DryBar.

I decided to treat myself to a blowout for our engagement pictures, because if there’s one thing I hate worrying about is bad hair during pictures. Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp

I love that all their styles are named after popular drinks. I went for their most popular style: the Cosmo.

We didn’t have to wait long, but I was given a glass of champagne and there was even a fiance waiting section for those who happen to bring their significant others along.

What you can’t see in this picture is that Tucker is here too! Yes, they’re even dog friendly (so long as your dog is well behaved)! I am loving the dog friendly atmosphere of Avalon, it’s really nice to not have to leave fido at home. Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp

My before hair was a little out of control. Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp

After a quick shampoo and condition, I was brought back to the stylists chair where she started working her magic.

Using all sorts of potions and creams to lather into my hair for optimized volume and shine, she got to drying. Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp

I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than someone “playing” with my hair. I always find it relaxing. Possibly reminiscing of days in Girl Scouts where my friends and I would practice our braids on each other! Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp

The finished product: full, bouncy curls that lasted for 8 hours! There’s definitely something to say about quality products and great stylists. Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp Avalon DryBar Blowout - SensiblySharp

There are so many things I love about drybar: the color theme, the clever drink inspired names, the beautiful mirrors, the friendly staff and the great products!

Really I could go on and on about these great blowouts. I will definitely be making repeat appearances here in the future and possibly be gifting a few blowouts to my friends and family! What doesn’t say Happy Holidays quite like beautiful hair?

They also have monthly blowout packages, which I’m definitely eyeing as a future investment. Investing in good hair is as important as investing in good health! Maybe that could be a New Years Resolution, vowing to have good hair!

Possibly one of my favorite things are the custom chandeliers they have in their entry way. You’ll have to stop by to check it out! They’re beautifully creative and would be so much fun in an edgy modern home salon.

Happy Monday loves, and since there was alcohol featured in this post, CHEERS to the first week of December!

xoxo- Cynthia

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