Happy Furrr-day

Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp Happy Furrr-day - Sensibly Sharp

Shirt in brown// Fur Vest// Jeans// Handbag ($100 off right now!)// Booties// Necklace (sold out) similar here and here // Earrings

Happy Furr-day lovelies! I am loving this faux fur vest trend (even though my fiance says it looks like I’m wearing something from the thrift store.. lol but I actually shop there so the joke’s on him) and I think it’s here to stay for the next few years so it would be best to in-vest in something of good quality now! I love this vest from Juliana’s Boutique. It was the perfect price point and if you use code SENSIBLYSHARP at checkout you’ll receive 10% off your total order! (Also check out this vest, and this vest). I was extremely thrilled with how soft the vest felt when I received it! It almost feels real, but without PETA getting up in arms about how many chinchillas it would have taken to make this vest.

These jeans are something you should also invest in (they have a whole line of other washes for the pants here). They’ve been great so far and have definitely gotten their money’s worth. I love how comfortable and how long they are (35″ inseam problems…) they actually come to my ankle, which is perfect for booties! This is the perfect outfit for traveling and I’ll most likely be donning it when I go to DC in November. I’ve never been to DC so I’d love some recommendations on what to do! I can only imagine how cold it’s going to be so I’m thinking of getting a new pea coat or this quilted jacket.

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Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Be sure to stay tuned on Instagram, Toyota is taking me around town for a bold adventure, and wouldn’t want you to miss it!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Thursday Things

I don’t typically have a post about links I’m loving, but there were too many this week that I absolutely loved that I just couldn’t keep from sharing them. Enjoy your own personal skimm from my favorite links of the week!

Fall Cheese Platter


1) What’s really in your PSL.. Not just pumpkin.

2) Tips to keep your produce, produce-ful. Or clean. Tomato, Tomato.

3) THIS pound cake. Because, yeah. In my belly– it needs to happen.

4) How Kelly styled this red coat. IN love. With both the coat and the girl! She’s so nice it hurts. And have you seen her dog? Adorbs.

5) How to take the perfect selfie. Because it’s hard and I want to look like this but I end up looking like this.

6) The most gorgeous arrangement of cheese that you’ll never actually eat.

7) Because now I can be my favorite emoji for halloween. *monkey covering eyes*

8) Exactly 29 days until THIS is in theaters. You’re welcome.

9) Paula Deen was onto something: eat mor butur.

10) I’m officially addicted to this show and have been binge-watching it on netflix for the past two days (hey Season 3.. this is embarrassing). No time for pretty fall days, must watch how Emma and Henry defeat the next obstacle.

11) What would a favorite links be without TWO cake recipes? Spoiler Alert: It wouldn’t.

xoxo- Cynthia

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Georgia Crafted Review

Happy Wednesday! For those of you who have an affinity for Southern things, love farmers markets and subscription boxes, this post is just for you! Have you heard of Georgia CraftedGeorgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly Sharp

Up until a couple months ago I hadn’t heard of them until I was on Instagram one day and fate had it that I would find them. Each box is a little slice of Southern Heaven. The box I received was all about Southern Harvest and I was surprised to find some lovely products I never would have thought to try (but have quickly become a fan)! The great thing is that they send you 4-5 full sized items to try every month. The items they send you can range from food, music, candles, drinks, art, bath products and more. The Georgia Crafted box is essentially a mini farmer’s market that is sent to your door every day (minus the fresh produce) but it’s great because I can’t always drive an hour to Atlanta’s best farmer’s market just to pick up some local goods so I’m so happy that it has been UPS’ed to my front door. The best thing: total retail value for this was well over the $29.95 subscription price (especially when you factor in shipping) so you are getting well more than your money’s worth with this box. Georgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly Sharp

I love that they also include a detailed description on the inside lid of the box. It was really interesting to read about all the goodies I was about to consume use.

Opalescence $12 // Burts Body Wash (unknown) // Pepper Jelly ($7.50) // Sugared Pecans (unknown) // Olive Oil (estimate $5)Georgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly SharpGeorgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly Sharp Georgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly SharpGeorgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly SharpGeorgia Crafted Subscription Box Review - Sensibly Sharp

Opalescence Hand & Body Lotion:  Delicious smelling goats-milk moisturizer. I loved how smooth it went on and kept my skin hydrated sans grease for quite a few hours! I put it on my legs in the morning post shower and didn’t have to lotion up the rest of the day. I love that it’s made with goat’s milk! The health benefits of goats milk helps lock in moisture and keeps your skin from drying out.

Burt’s Farm Body Wash: At first, I was skeptical. Pumpkin “flavored” body wash? When opening the lid there was little aroma. The next morning I swapped my normal body wash (which has questionable ingredients) and subbed for the pumpkin body wash and it was Morning Changing! The smell is incredible. Like sweet pumpkin flesh mixed with elderberry, or something sweet like that. It had a lovely lather to it and I’m going to be really sad when it’s gone! It only has a few ingredients in it, and every one is something I can pronounce. I loved how smooth it made my skin. This product I will definitely be re-buying in the future!

Wisham Cranberry Pepper Jelly: Okay, so this was another product I was really skeptical. Spicy jelly is not on my normal to-buy list. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend making a PB&J with this, but I would recommend making a PC&J, Pimento Cheese that is. HOLY AWESOME. This jelly is perfect for pimento cheese! I even started smathering it on bread with butter because-it’s-just-that-good.  Can you imagine deepfried pimento cheese fritters with this lovely sauce drizzled over? Me either, that’s why I’m making it this weekend for you. You’re welcome.

Georgia Olive Farms EVOO: To be honest, I didn’t even know olives grew in Georgia. I mean it’s not like Georgia is known for it’s Mediterranean- like weather. We get pretty harsh ice storms every year (and freak out) so I’m really surprised these can even grow here! But let me tell you, it is amazing. So I’m a big lover of French wine. Why is that relevant? French wine has a minerality  to it that makes the flavors unique to certain regions. Seeing that Georgia dirt is mostly mineral filled clay, this Olive Oil adapts a lot of the same mineral-esque flavors that French wine has. It leaves a zingy taste on your tongue, and I kept diving in for more. To say that there is any left in the bottle would be a lie because Andrew and I polished off the entire bottle with a half baguette in one sitting. Not sorry. 

Atwell Glazed Pecans: I love sugared nuts, but not that much. I’m more of a meat and potatoes type of girl. These were good, just not my cup of tea! Andrew however enjoyed them a little too much (insert grumpy face from full belly here).

The Verdict: For the price, this is one of the BEST subscription boxes I’ve encountered. I love this box as a gift for Christmas, out of town guests, friends who moved out of state and are missing home and even wedding guests! I think it is extremely unique and I love the local artisans. It really helps connect everyone to small businesses and small family owned farms. I’m a big supporter of #buyinglocal so I can see myself ordering from them in the future. You can tell the people behind Georgia Crafted really put a lot of thought and care into what they are sending out!

Also, a big Congratulations to Michele Pineda for winning the Solenn Rachael Contest!

Be sure to follow along on Bloglovin and Instagram because there will be another HUGE giveaway coming your way!

xoxo- Cynthia


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Pacific + Key + Autumn

Pacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly Sharp Pacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly Sharp Pacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly Sharp Pacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly Sharp Pacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly SharpPacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly Sharp

Striped Oxford// Sweater (old) similar and loving this (both on sale!)// Jeans (love these)// Boots// Earrings (c/o) Pacific + Key [10% off with code "SENSIBLYSHARP"]// Solenn Rachael Bracelet (c/o) [20% off with code "SENSIBLYSHARP20"]// Kendra Scott Bracelet// Knockaround Sunglasses// Michael Kors Handbag (vintage) Similar// Tucker’s Scarf

I’m officially wearing a sweater. This is breaking news. It’s cold (ish) in Georgia which entails me being wrapped up in a giant blanket sweater writing this post about me wearing layers. Is there anything better?

I’ve partnered with Pacific + Key to bring you some seriously fun accessories that will be perfect for fall! I’m wearing a pair of the Dual Dangles and they’re extremely beautiful and versatile. So far they’ve been the best accessory to dress up with and stand out perfectly with a top knot, as well as dressing down and wearing for every day life (think jeans and a sweater). Both the earrings (and the clove necklace below from last week’s post) are currently my go-to’s for jewelry right now. These will easily be my fall wardrobe essentials for the season.

I love the simple elegance of her line. I’m also really loving that she’s donating 20% off her proceeds this month to the Breast Cancer Research fund. It’s so nice to see local shops getting involved with a big issue! They’re also offering all SS readers 10% off their next order with code SENSIBLYSHARP. 

I don’t know about you but there comes a time during fall where I just really hate the lack of color in my wardrobe. I constantly want to wear bright greens and soft pinks, but I don’t want to look out of place against all the neutrals. I am really loving the wine shades this year. What are some colors you try to incorporate into fall? I’m thinking of getting this red sweater and this wine sweater soon.

Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

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You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging without a few adorable pictures of Tucker in a scarf did you? Why should little dogs have all the fun of dressing up? Plus I think he pulls it off very well!

Pacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly SharpPacific + Key + Autumn- Sensibly Sharp

Such a handsome fellow!!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Plaid + Red

Now that it’s fall I feel that my wardrobe is heavily revolving around neutrals. BUT I’m trying to change that. 
DSC_0426 DSC_0429 DSC_0447

DSC_0455 DSC_0470 DSC_0473 DSC_0498

Skirt (vintage) Similar and Fun Pattern// Top (TJ Maxx Find) Similar// Shoes// Necklace (Nordstrom Rack Find) Similar// Belt// Shoulder Bag (old) Similar// KS Bracelet

I’m going to let you in on a little secret they don’t tell you in college: Big Girl Job work clothes are expensive. A decent quality skirt will still run you minimally $70 at Banana Republic. But here’s another secret: you can get the same stuff at GoodWill for $4 a skirt. Yup, this skirt is from GoodWill but it’s originally from Talbots, and that’s all the matters right?

GoodWill was my mini treasure trove until Macklemore made shopping at the Thrift Shop “popular”. After that song was released you could barely make it through the blazer area without seeing some teens taking selfies “poppin tags” with “$20 in my pocket”.

My greatest achievement (and frustration) was finding the exact same work suit I had bought from the Limited for interviews but in Camel for $10 at the thrift store. Retail I paid close to $200. So you can see now while when it comes to work clothes I’ll check GoodWill before I check the mall. There are some exceptions, like these amazing pants from BR, but mostly I’ll head to GoodWill first. It doesn’t hurt when you find a bunch of awesome patterned skirts perfect for fall there either. There are some tips and tricks to shopping GoodWill, and I’ll share those another time.

Mixing old with new helps keep your look updated. This fiery Orange is the perfect pop of color for fall! I love the way it balances the pattern on the skirt, and the gold accessories keep this outfit from looking drab. It shows you put some thought into what you were wearing, and will have your boss thinking “dang, she’s professional, polished and ready for that meeting today with executives.” Instant Promotion. I love wearing patterned skirts to work! It’s the easiest way to shake up your wardrobe and keep you standing out. It’s always a good feeling when you’re the dedicated worker and the sharp dresser on your team.

How do you shake up your fall wardrobe for work? Any pattern risks you’re willing to take? Let me know!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Apple of my Pie

Tucked away in Buckhead is the best pie you’ll ever eat. Apple of My Pie - Sensibly Sharp

Don’t let the worn out sign fool you. East Andrews best kept secret is wrapped in peach colored boxes and tied up with white ribbon with PIE SHOP scrolling its length. Located on the back of a small stretch of buildings on Roswell Road, Pie Shop is ready to serve both Dessert and Dinner Pies any time of the day.

So it seemed fitting that pie should be second lunch after stopping at the Big Ketch. Now that it’s October, it’s perfectly normal to start eating Pumpkin things.

And nothing more perfectly pumpkin-y is Pie Shop’s Pumpkin Pie. Apple of My Pie - Sensibly Sharp

Andrew grabbed a slice of Coconut Cream Pie. Apple of My Pie - Sensibly Sharp

Seeing that my pie looked a little too naked, I asked the guy behind the counter if I could get some whip for it.

Which he gladly whipped it up in just a whip.

Always ask for fresh whipped cream at Pie Shop, they make it right in front of you and it’s deliciously cold, creamy and sweet. Apple of My Pie - Sensibly SharpApple of My Pie - Sensibly Sharp

Just take a look at that forkful of flavor.

They make everything from ‘scratch in their kitchen. From the dough to the insides, everything is carefully calculated to maximize appeal and flavor. So it wasn’t surprising to find out that they roast their own pumpkins for the pumpkin pie filling.

A true gem of Atlanta good eats, I imagine you need to stop in as soon as possible to get your hands on their fall pie specials. One of my favorite pies comes around in Late Spring: Strawberry Rhubarb.

I love and hate that they have a seasonal menu because I could eat those strawberry rhubarb pies every week, and they’d be the perfect chaser for a fried turkey on Thanksgiving.

Go get some Pie.
Apple of My Pie - Sensibly Sharp

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A Catch at the Ketch & a Giveaway

What’s a gal to do on an awkwardly warm October afternoon and no plans? Dress for the confusing weather and head down to Buckhead to Eat Seafood of course!
A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly SharpThe lovely people from The Big Ketch invited Andrew and I down to try a few things off their menu! I haven been looking forward to this for months, but unfortunately two busy schedules, an anxious pup and stressing about where we’re going to live in the next couple weeks has left us with little to no down time for “fun”. 
A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

So I threw together a short fall colored dress and some tall boots and told the weather to make up its mind, and we headed out the door en route to the Big Ketch. A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly SharpA Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

Dress (old) similar w/o sleeves, similar w/ sleeves // Boots (old) Similar Brand and Great Price// Belt// Solenn Rachael Floral Earrings (c/o)// Solenn Rachael Floral Bracelet (c/o)// My Saint My Hero Bracelet// Leaf Headband (old) Similar & I might be getting this for my wedding// Purse (25% off with code “FAMILY25″// Necklace (old) Similar// Watch// Love Ring// Horse Bit Bracelet (old) Similar

A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

I have to tell you the story of how I got these Michael Kors boots for $70. There’s this awesome TJ Maxx near my house and I walked in one day and saw they had these boots! I had seem them once before at a different Marshalls but I wasn’t ready to drop $140 on them. I saw at TJ they had them listed at $110 but one of the buckles was broken and hanging free from the boot. I inspected it thoroughly: no damage to the leather, no missing pieces, and no torn straps. This was an easy fix, but I wasn’t going to let the clerks know that. As I was checking out I asked if they could reduce the price on the boots because one of the buckles was broken and I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to fix it. Low and Behold, they knocked $40 off the price, and I stopped at a craft store on the way home, bought a $3.49 tube of Fabric Glue and have never looked back. If you see something damaged at the store but you want it (and have an inkling that you can fix it) be sure to ask the clerks if they can do better on the price. I’ve only been told “no” once! A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

My go to handbag is on super sale right now at ShopBop with code “FAMILY25″ and you can get this bag for $260! Actually, we can just cut the crap: ever since I got this bag for my birthday I haven’t let it leave my sight.. so it’s essentially the only thing I carry! The leather is so soft and supple once it gets broken in, I (accidently) spilled water on my bag, and by a miracle (and God’s grace) there was no water stain on it, and it looks super with dressy or casual outfits. Basically it makes me feel like a million bucks but I only spent $250 on it (I got it on sale at the MK store, it was fate.)DSC_0087

There’s nothing I love more than the casual preppiness of a nice pony tail. I like to dress it up with this metal headband from Anthropologie (ages ago in the sale section). It just so happens to go GREAT with my cute new Solenn Rachael Floral Earrings! The jewelry from Solenn Rachael is really nice quality and a great price point! I haven’t taken off the bracelet since I’ve received it, it’s my new favorite fall piece! Leslie, the lovely owner of Solenn Rachael is offering all SS readers a discount on anything in her store for 20% off with code “SENSIBLYSHARP20“. Keep reading for a chance to WIN any one item from her shop! A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly SharpA Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

But enough about fashion. Back to lunch. We hopped over for lunchtime which was great because there were no crowds and plenty of space for us to snap pictures. As you may have guessed the inside tips it’s hat to the nautical side, but there’s nothing fishy about this place.
A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

Our waiter quickly watered us and dropped us a basket of boiled peanuts. Possibly the coolest ever snack appetizer I’ve ever had at a restaurant. They were perfectly cooked, but inconsistently seasoned, some tasted really spicy, others were really mild. It would be great if they had a basket of mild and spicy. The mild ones were excellent. Little hints of cayenne and maybe smoked paprika (I asked for their recipe so I could make it for my SS readers, but they told me it was a bunch of secret spices..) The spicy ones left you grabbing for your water glass.
A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

They had a couple of specials on the menu that we had to try. For an Appetizer we got the Conch Corn Fritters, which were excellent! Second to only the ones I had in the Grand Caymans. Oddly enough it also tasted a lot like my Mexican Street Corn Fritters but with the addition of Conch. I think someone has been reading SS for inspiration.. A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

Next we moved onto mains: Shrimp and Grits for me with a side of fried dough hushpuppies and the lobster grilled cheese with a side of Parmesan corn for Andrew. So here is where we divide on the meal. My shrimp and grits were lovely. The grits were pleasantly cheesy and the shrimp excellently spicy. The hushpuppies were lovely alongside the remoulade sauce.

Andrews Lobster Grilled Cheese was a little bit of a confusing disappointment. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what either of us were expecting. It was essentially lobster spread on a sandwich grilled with american cheese. A very odd flavor combination, and we expected it to be chunks of lobster in the sandwich, not just a lobster spread. I also think the Parmesan corn could have had a little more umph. Like first grilled and then smothered with cheese and flavors to finish cooking in a broiler so everything melds together. A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp A Catch at the Ketch- Sensibly Sharp

Overall it was a fantastic and filling lunch. We were so stuffed we walked over to Pie Shop to eat Pie. Because what’s better than Pie after you’ve just finished a huge lunch? Also, we’re practicing for Thanksgiving, so at least we’re training for something!

Apart from the weird Lobster Grilled Cheese, I highly HIGHLY recommend you put the Big Ketch on your places of “must eat in Buckhead”. The atmosphere is awesome. It has an outside patio looking out towards East Andrews and a great bar that I can only imagine is crowded for happy hour with business men getting their sports fix and seafood on. I will definitely be back to try the Hot Lobster Sandwich. Plus the people who operate this business also operate Tin Lizzy’s (my favorite Taco Place) and Smoke Belly! They keep producing awesome food and awesome atmospheres and that’s why I’m sure people keep coming back for more. Plus alongside live music every night, every Monday they offer one of their burgers, a side and a glass of beer for $10! Hey Monday Night football I know where I’ll be watching.

Thank you for hosting us, Big Ketch, we will definitely be back!

And now for a quick giveaway! You could win any 1 item from Solenn Rachael by filling out the rafflecopter below! Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bless Her Heart Y'all

xoxo- Cynthia

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Bacon Veggie Frittata

When I want an egg-celent breakfast, I always know the perfect recipe to turn to.
Mushroom, Red Pepper, Spinach and Bacon Egg White Frittata - Sensibly Sharp

And it has bacon, of course. But the great thing about this Bacon Veggie Frittata Recipe is you get a crazy protein packed breakfast (hey 32g of filling protein), nearly zero carbs and it’s all under 300 calories! Take that sugar infused breakfast cereal (I’m looking at you Special K..) Mushroom, Red Pepper, Spinach and Bacon Egg White Frittata - Sensibly Sharp

The most important thing to feul your day with is protein and healthy fats. Totally contradictory to what you’ve been told all your life where you need carbs and whole grains to start your day (check out the proof here). You can either be on a protein/fat diet or a protein/carb diet but you can’t have a carb/fat diet because that’s what leads to obesity. Your body naturally makes fat, so starting your day with fat helps your body say “hey I’m going to use stored fat until I get hungry again as my energy source.” So eating fat burns fat. It’s called ketosis, and it’s how I can get away with eat double cheese burgers on the weekend and not feel guilty.
Mushroom, Red Pepper, Spinach and Bacon Egg White Frittata - Sensibly Sharp Mushroom, Red Pepper, Spinach and Bacon Egg White Frittata - Sensibly Sharp

Eggs raise your HDL cholesterol (the one that fights plaque buildup) and they’re natures most protein packed breakfast food. Eggs are high in Choline, a vitamin that’s essential to brain functionality as well as keeps the nervous system in check. They are filled with antioxidants to help with eye health. Basically eggs rock. And roll.. Almost right off the counter before I took this photo.


Spinach helps cut back on inflammation and can reduce your risk of getting cancer because it’s high in Vitamin K (the cancer fighter). Bell Peppers, while extremely tasty, don’t really have a good reputation for “health benefits” of vegetables. But they’re an excellent anti-inflammatory, highly dense antioxidant veggie that contains the same vitamins that help fight cancer. Mushrooms increase your immune system and helps regulate Vitamin D levels.

Basically this breakfast is ready to kick cancer’s ass. And Monday Mornings.. But mostly cancer.

We all know avocado’s are good for you, and delicious, but these suckers can be hard to eat before they go bad! I try to include 1/2 of an avocado into my diet every day because it’s backed with antioxidants, supports cardiovascular health, promotes blood sugar regulation, anti-cancer benefits, natural anti-inflammatory and promotes a happy healthy heart.

The best thing about a Frittata though, there are no limitations on what you can create! I’m looking forward to making this with onions, venison sausage, green peppers and cheddar cheese soon.

So go make yourself a frittata for dinner, you won’t regret it.
Mushroom, Red Pepper, Spinach and Bacon Egg White Frittata - Sensibly Sharp

Bacon Veggie Frittata


  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 egg (with yolk)
  • 1 slice of nitrate free bacon
  • 4 mushrooms (sliced)
  • 1/4 cup cheese of your choice (I used Swiss+ Gruyere mix from TJ's)
  • Splash of milk (to make the eggs fluffy)
  • Handful of Spinach
  • 1/2 of a Red Bell Pepper
  • Avocado


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cut your bacon into bite size pieces and throw it on a hot cast iron pan. (medium high temp)
  3. While the bacon is cooking, dice the veggies.
  4. Whisk together the eggs and splash of milk so it's combined.
  5. Once the bacon is almost done cooking, put the veggies in the pan to saute down.
  6. Once the veggies have cooked down a little, poor the eggs right over the top of the veggies and reduce the heat to Medium.
  7. Sprinkle your cheese over the top of the egg and veggie base.
  8. Once you've achieved a well cooked bottom, throw the pan into the oven and cook for 5-8 minutes until the top of the egg is done.
  9. Congratulations, you just made a Frittata! Serve it still in the cast iron (why bother dirtying dishes?) and cut some avocado on the side.
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PS don’t forget about the $150 Target Giveaway going on right now! You could get this scarf with all that money. And these shoes. And this Anorak. And maybe this Blazer. And then you’ll feel so thrifty you’ll head over to ShopBop and save 25% off your entire order with code “FAMILY25″. Basically it’s a week of awesome sales, don’t miss out!

xoxo- Cynthia

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Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul

We were going out on a Saturday night. Which for us Saturday nights are typically reserved for double dates, lots of wine and a location that could easily be navigated by foot if driving was not possible.

But when the lovely people from Gypsy Kitchen invited us down for a cocktail party sneak peak in honor of their opening, I couldn’t resist! Free wine and Spanish apps? Yes please!
Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

I knew just the thing to wear.. Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly SharpWild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly SharpWild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly SharpWild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

This spectacular Romper from my friends at South Harmony boutique in Alpharetta and my lovely new clove necklace from Pacific and Key! The print was perfectly Mediterranean and who doesn’t love a good romper? Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

In true Southern fashion, it’s still really hot here. I believe Saturday was about 80 degrees.. It’s really hard to dress for fall when it still feels like summer. So enter, the Fall Romper. Long enough to make your Grandma happy but fun enough for a night out in Buckhead. Keeping it sensible and sharp is my mantra after all. Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

Romper sold out (similar and here)// Shoes (here and here)// Bag vintage (similar here and here)// Love Ring// My Saint My Hero Bracelet// Solenn Rachael Bracelet (c/o)// Pacific and Key Clover Necklace (c/o)// Kendra Scott Earrings

Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

There’s no bull in this place. Well except for this guy. But everything else is 100% authentic Spanish/ Mediterranean flair. Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

Saturday night I was invited to the cocktail event hosted by the brand new Gypsy Kitchen Restaurant in Buckhead. Located in the heart of the newly renovated Buckhead Village, Gypsy Kitchen sits daintily above Peachtree Road and Buckhead Avenue 1 story up overlooking the streets below.  Upon walking up the stairs (also a really cool blue lighted elevator for those who take that route up) you are greeted with amazing rooftop views as well as a rooftop facing bar. The motif is very Baroque with quatrefoil tiles, a large ornate crystal chandelier, wall to wall wood and a giant bull in the middle of the bar. My favorite part is the great moulin-rouge-y marquee sign that lets you know this place is ready for a good time. A very romantic and fun atmosphere, perfect for existing love birds or new beginnings.

My love bird and I arrived promptly at 8 and found ourselves nestled in between the growing crowd to grab a drink.

After perusing the menu for drinks (hey open bar 8-9pm) I settled for a glass of red wine and we quickly dove out to the patio before the impending crowds swarmed them. Within minutes hoards of people were crowding the bar and by 8:35 it would have taken you at least 30 minutes just to get that free drink.

But while we were lucky enough to grab a drink and find a table,  some brown apron-ed waiters and waitresses came by with plates of hor d’ouvres for us to sample. One of which we actually were able to sample was the chorizo stuffed shrimp which was breaded in what seemed like coconut shavings. Surprisingly mild for how many times the waiter told us that the chorizo was very spicy. Entertainment for the night included some fabulous Spanish dancers and spectacular people watching.

I will definitely be making a return trip for dinner (which officially opens October 14th!) to try some of their Lamb Tangine and I heard they have a killer Octopus dish. Their cocktail menu is heavily influenced by Spanish spices (cloves and saffron to name a few) and most consist of their house made gin. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any of these, but from what I heard they were very refreshing! The wine was spot on. Heavy body, rich aroma, smooth on the tongue. Everything you want in a red wine. I heavily recommend you put this on your list of places to try! Plus you can see Hermes from the patio, so naturally it’s every girls dream. From a Carrot and Orange Salad to little Orange boxes, this is a place I can see myself visiting again and again. PLUS their fancy brother restaurant (the Southern Gentleman) will be opening up in November and is just a skip around the corner (serioiusly) from GK.

Wild Prints & A Gypsy Soul- Sensibly Sharp

Happy Monday! Don’t forget about the $150 target gift card giveaway going on and be sure to stop by on Wednesday to find out how you can win some of your very own Solenn Rachael Jewels!

xoxo- Cynthia

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5 Essential Tools to Improve Productivity

Let me tell you one thing that High School was trying to prepare you for when you get to college: being productive on your own accord.

5 Essential Tips to Improve Productivity- Sensibly Sharp

Being productive and self motivated is challenging! That’s why highly motivated and productive people tend to be in positions of great importance: CEO’s, President, or Princess and married to William with adorable son George..

Okay the last one was a stretch, but if we all want to be in some sort of position of great importance we have to be really productive to get there. You have to be able to manage your time and focus your energy like that of a CEO.

Today’s youth (my generation included) is so lucky and unfortunate that there are so many great technological advances in today’s society! On one hand it’s amazing at all the knowledge you have at your fingertips with you (so much for your elementary school teacher saying you won’t have a calculator in your pocket at all times..) and on the other you also have all the cat videos/Netflix/ Pinterest/ Instagram at your fingertips to distract you!

I’m constantly wavering between “I gotta get off the computer and go do ‘xyz'” and “just one more minute”!

If this sounds like you, I’m about to share with you my 5 Essential tools to Improve Productivity which help me make it through a fast paced 8-5 work day to managing an Etsy store as well as this Blog!

#1) Invest in a Planner: I have to have a planner. My fiance always asks me why I have to have multiple paper calendars around the apartment as well as a planner on me at all time when I have a calendar on my phone. I’m just a creature of habit and I’ve found that this is the method that works for me! The most productive years in College for me were the years that I meticulously wrote every assignment/test/meeting I had on a calendar that was in front of my study space at all times. My friends always had to laugh when they had to pencil time in with me, I required that big events be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. I still like people to schedule things in advance because I’m a busy person and want to make time with everyone and feel bad if we can’t make last minute plans. Although most of the times we do! Having a planner really helps keep you organized and on task.

#2) Find the right atmosphere: My sorority required us to do study hours in the library every week. Well this posed two challenges to me: 1) I can’t work in super quiet places and 2) it was never entirely quiet (I’m looking at you guy playing your music too loud and eating a noisy lunch next to me..) So I worked on the honor system and studied at home and wrote my hours in our book in the Library. Oddly enough, my best spaces to work/ study/ read are places with just a little bit of consistent background noise: like watching TV and having the volume on really low, listening to soft classical music at my local coffee shop (so hipster) and being in the office with the constant hum and drum of the printer as well as people walking by is non-distracting for me! I know some people need isolation, but that’s why you need to find the atmosphere you’re most productive in!

#3) Read this bookNo seriously you need to read it. #GIRLBOSS has been insurmountably encouraging and uplifting for me lately! Work lately has been rather blah and with the slow start to my Etsy shop I was getting discouraged (like every human being). The book was so eye opening to how absolutely obsessed Sophia became with growing her business Nasty Gal (um hello I need this shirt) and how her persistent attitude towards positivity and success really put her in the spotlight and helped her grow her business to what it is today. She was a self starter and self motivated to make Nasty Gal the best vintage shop there could be! This book was a real motivating factor for me to not give up! She made me want to make every ounce of my time here as productive as possible.

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#4) Take a (coffee) break: The worst thing to happen to me while I’m writing blog posts is a terrible case of writers block. I get it a lot. Sometimes I’m just not that inspired, other times it’s due to the content I’m sharing and most of the time it’s due to trying to do too much in one sitting. My favorite time to write is in the morning with my cup of coffee and beautiful morning light pouring in from the front sitting room. But when I can’t do that and I get a severe case of writer’s block, I stop, hit save and go take a walk around my apartment complex or go grab some coffee from the shop down the street. Walking around really really helps clear my mind. Some people find meditating a good way to recharge but I think walking is better! I love just letting my brain focus on what a beautiful day it is or just how lovely it feels to finally be wearing fall layers and listening to the birds twit and chatter in the trees. It’s so nice to get a break from staring at a computer screen my brain immediately illuminates with tons of ideas (which is why I also always carry a small pad of paper too) and I jot them down for later use! Which leads me to my next point..

#5) Become a list maker!: Being a list maker has changed my life dramatically! I used to rely on my brain to hold these things for me, but seeing that it’s always so busy remembering that I need cheese,bacon and cauliflower from the store gets shoved to the side to make room for the most recent post for Sensibly Sharp! Andrew is the king of list makers. It’s so funny to come home and find lists on the back of opened envelopes from the bank, written on his whiteboard, inside random notebooks. It’s almost a game to figure out where the most recent list is. Most of the time it just resides on the fridge scribbled with things he needs at the grocery store. I constantly find myself scribbling lists here and there for work related stuff and personal. My handbag is full of orange stickies from my office of what I need to do, goals, and future plans (trip to Vermont, check!)

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If you’re a small business entrepreneur (like me!) sometimes the biggest productivity issue is lack of money. Wah Wah. I know the feeling, having a budding business requires a lot of upfront capital! Sometimes you need a small business loan to help jump start your business. The Kabbage company pride’s itself on being able to help small business grow their productivity by offering some of the best loans on the market. Essentially working like a line of credit for your business, you only have to pay for what you use. They’ll even directly deposit money straight into your paypal account! How great is that? No more waiting to make appointments with your loan officer at a bank that’s 30 minutes away. Everything can be handled electronically and it only takes 7 minutes to apply with a decision given to you as soon as you’re finished with your application.

What are some ways you stay productive? I’m always looking for new ways to add to my list!

xoxo- Cynthia

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